More #Cameron propaganda – ISIS/IS ‘a threat to #UK safety’ (#Politics #ISIS)

isisthreatThe rise of the Islamic State (IS – formerly known as ISIS – formerly known as ISIL – formerly known as SIC) and the speed at which they seem to have advanced across the Middle East may be surprising.

In a very short period of time the extremist organisation has taken control of vast tracts of land, including most of Iraq and over half of Syria.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, David Cameron has stated that IS poses ‘…a clear danger to Europe and to our security.” In amongst other political blurb Cameron says “And I have also discussed the police response to this growing threat of extremism with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. The position is clear. If people are walking around with Isil flags or trying to recruit people to their terrorist cause, they will be arrested and their materials will be seized.”

That’s very interesting – so how does Cameron explain the incident in Oxford Street in London where IS supporters were allowed to distribute poisonous leaflets and harass and abuse people on the street without there being any police response – despite the area being covered in CCTV and police patrolling the street on foot and in vehicles?

Oxford Street is in the Metropolitan Police area – so Cameron’s little talk with his mate Sir Bernard doesn’t seem to have sunk in. Apparently the police on patrol and the CCTV didn’t notice a things with the Metropolitan Police claiming they became aware of the incident through social media, even though the scum handing out leaflets had been in the same spot in Oxford Street for hours.

No on to the main point – IS or whatever they call themselves today.

IS does pose a threat to the citizens of the UK, especially moderate Muslim communities which IS supporters and other extremists are attempting to take control of through intimidation and violence.

In an incident on a housing estate in Poplar, East London, last week, 20 youths flying an IS flag stopped people from entering the estate. Police response – zero.

There have been many incidents where extremists have attacked and abused citizens going about their normal business, but the police response has remained weak despite them having the powers to intervene.

Britain has become something of a terrorist capital of Europe. The security services are well aware of figures in the Muslim community who are spreading extremist poison. The police are well aware of gangs who are spreading, and attempting to implement, extremist poison. The logical question is why the authorities are not stopping these idiots before the situation escalates.

As yet, no one has come up with a logical or reasonable answer.

Despite the political rhetoric, the UK has been involved in establishing and promoting the extremist poison that is spreading across the world. The roots of Islamic extremism are seated in UK and US funded terrorist activities in the 1980s and have continued to this day through various means, including direct and covert funding, and through funding third parties.

As recently as last year, Cameron tried to convince the British public that the UK should send supplies (including weaponry) to the ‘rebels’ in Syria. It was known at the time as it is today that the so-called ‘rebels’ were comprised of mainly Al-Qaeda operatives and supporters. Fortunately, Cameron’s initiative to get the public and his politicians to sanction such a ridiculous scheme failed, as did his attempts at the G8.

The concerning thing is that in his attempt to gain public approval Cameron seemed totally unaware that the public were aware of al-Qaeda controlling the Syrian ‘rebels’. Very odd to think that he would consider for one moment that he would gain support.

The US and UK funding and establishment of Islamic terrorism is a matter of fact and is well documented in official publications, some of which are publically available and others which have been leaked.

Both the US and UK continue to fund extremist organisations such as IS by using intermediaries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Pakistan to some extent.

Here is a basic graphic which shows the main flow of how Islamic extremism was started and how it has been continually funded.  There are other ‘offshoot’ organisations and other covert funding routes, but we have not included these for convenience.

(Click on graphic to enlarge in a new window)


The public should be asking why Islamic extremism has been allowed to get out of control, let alone be established in the first place.

In the UK in particular, we should be asking why extremist leaders and groups are STILL allowed to operate and spread their poison on our streets.

Consider that Cameron has a plan. A plan to strip us of more of our freedoms. What would be the best way to do this?

Correct – spread the fear of a threat of an enemy within. It is a tactic that has been used by governments all over the world time and time again. Promoting the ‘threat’ will cause the public to call for positive action to stop it. Then the government will present some kind of solution with the lie that is it to protect everyone from the ‘threat’. The solution will be something which takes away some part of our freedoms – which was the main goal all along.

Since being in power Cameron has tried to reduce the freedoms of British citizens, using various excuses which were subsequently exposed as being false.

Not so long ago he promoted the idea that our children were at risk from an army of paedophiles trawling the internet for their victims. This was an excuse to bring in legislation which would have banned certain websites and activities. When the legislation and proposals were studied more carefully it was found that the majority of the proposed restrictions were to protect government from criticism – not anything at all with protecting the public.

Cameron has introduced legislation by stealth. For example ‘anti-social behaviour’ legislation which was subsequently found to make protests and similar gatherings potentially illegal and did little to make those who engage in anti-social behaviour more accountable through the courts.

There are numerous other examples of how Cameron and his cronies have manipulated the public to serve the government’s own agenda – attempts to introduce policies and laws that the Stasi would have been envious of.

Instead of taking Cameron’s statement at face value, we should really be wondering why extremism has been allowed to proliferate, and why authorities have done nothing about it. We should also be questioning why taxpayer’s money has been channelled to these organisations since the 1980s.

You can be sure that when Cameron starts banging on about something like the threat of IS there is another less obvious agenda operating in the background. It is highly likely that we will hear some announcement before the end of the current government’s term which will further restrict our freedoms.

Of course there is a threat from extremists – but it is only because it has been allowed to happen.


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