Perhaps #humanity deserves its fate

humanfOne thing is very clear, humanity is heading in a direction that the majority have chosen, and that is abject economic slavery in ignorance.

For those of us who have been on the planet for some time, we have never seen a period in history where there is so much apathy and selfishness.

The world has changed dramatically over the past 30 to 40 years and the speed of change is accelerating.

With all of the technology we possess, one would think that there would be more awareness, more outrage at the way humanity is manipulated for the benefit of a few. That there would be more outrage at the evident injustices which are rarely covered in the more traditional mainstream media. That people may think that the world they perceive as real is nothing more than an illusion created to maintain their compliance.

But not so. If anything, the technology we possess has made people less caring, less able to think for themselves, less able to communicate on a human level, less able to analyse information to come to realistic conclusions. It has made many members of humanity blind and dumb.

People have been led to believe in their own importance, that their desires based in their own ego are all that matter. They are fooled into believing they are educated when in reality they are machines responding to propaganda and falseness – becoming facsimiles of what humanity used to be – having false belief in themselves.

The illusion of the ‘self’ has replaced reality and truth. They have come to revere their own godliness and worship false idols based in their own innermost delusions and the delusions of those other facsimiles who maintain each other’s illusions.

There is no soul – no real meaning – to their existence as they continue to live their false deluded worlds. They fool themselves into believing they are more important than other humans, more educated than other humans, more worthy than other humans, when the reality is they are less worthy as members of humanity.

The noises they make are placating – echoing the sounds of a million other facsimiles and so their illusion becomes reinforced, because to face the truth – the real raw truth – is too frightening for them to contemplate.

They withdraw to their place of compliance in the hope that the ‘threat’ of reality will just go away, and so they seek solace in more illusionary beliefs, or try to escape through more falsely created distractions which they perceive as ‘life’.

The fear of being alone in their own thoughts consumes them – it may require them to think about important things and make decisions, or may even mean they will have to take action of some kind – an affront to their selfish deluded ego. And so there they exist as shells of humanity desperately trying to distract themselves from all that is real and all that is true.

It is hard for the facsimiles to face the fact that they have allowed themselves to become a nothingness – a robot – a slave – even though they have seen the signs and received warnings from their innermost selves for all of their lives which they have allowed themselves to be distracted from.

The realisation of how facile and meaningless their lives are – how lacking in any meaningful substance their day-to-day slavery is – could be too much of a realisation to admit.

The door to the truth and their true nature must remain firmly shut – and it is not until they take their last breath on this planet that they finally let the realisation of the lie consume them – but then it is too late.

The final realisation that they could have and should have lived their lives differently as part of the greater consciousness of humanity is all consuming as they see just how alone they really were in their illusionary world – just how useless their lives were – only contributing to their own enslavement and that of the rest of humanity.

A lifetime of untruths, of making noises but taking no action, of living in an illusion can be ignored no more as they slip from this planet to whatever fate awaits them.

And so, other facsimiles continue to become more ingrained in mass illusion – losing touch with who they really are and what is really important.

And so the cycle revolves again – but just a little bit faster – sealing the fate of all of humanity.

For those who have come to consciousness and reality, all they can do is wonder why those facsimiles choose to be unaware, unconcerned, and uninterested in why their compliant destiny has been laid out before them, or why – when they finally realise the illusion they live – they can not or will not engage with their real selves to bring about change.

Perhaps the answer is the programming they have been subjected to since birth, and their own reinforcement of that programming is so complete that they remain (or choose to remain) oblivious to the reality of the world around them – preferring to remain in the familiarity of their ego and sycophantic moralisations. To venture outside of them and face the truth becomes a fearful concept – fear of being different – fear of being shunned by other sycophantic facsimiles.

Humanity will enslave itself.


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