Pentagon confirms #Syria’s #sarin stockpile destroyed

sarinsyriaThe stockpile of Syria’s precursors to make sarin gas has been destroyed by U.S. experts under a U.S. Russia brokered agreement made last September.

“I am pleased to announce that the crew aboard Cape Ray has completed neutralization of 100 percent of the sarin precursor aboard the ship, which amounts to about 581 metric tons neutralized,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said.

Following the agreement, the removal of chemical agents from Syria began in early January and in June the OPCW confirmed that 100% of the declared Syrian chemical arsenal was removed from the country.

Hundreds of tons of the most hazardous Syrian chemical arsenal have been handed over to the US vessel which has special equipment to neutralize a dangerous stockpile in July.

Once neutralized, the remaining material will still be considered dangerous. However, the substance can’t be further used to create chemical weapons. These materials will be processed by facilities in Germany, Britain, the United States and Finland.

The Cape Ray crew are now in the process of neutralizing 19.8 tons of sulphur mustard and should be completed by the end of August.

Source: RT

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