#Isis scum hand out leaflets on Oxford Street, #London – where were the #police?

oxstreetIt is a sad, sad, state of affairs when scum are allowed to promote their barbaric and genocidal actions on the streets of the UK.

A report in the Daily Mail shows how ridiculous our law enforcement services are as they demonstrate that they are afraid to implement the law against anyone who may make a fuss and play the ‘racist’ card.

Yesterday, on Oxford Street, a gang of Isis supporters handed out leaflets encouraging people to move to (what they proclaim as) the Islamist State.

One Muslim woman who confronted the men, believed to be from Luton and linked to hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri, said she was racially abused.

Asmaa Al-kufaishi, tweeted: ‘This group are promoting ISIS on Oxford Street. Racially abused us when we spoke out. They don’t know Islam.

‘Promoting death of innocent people, telling me to die because of my faith and race and insulting me is not Islamic behaviour.’

The blatant promotion of terrorist organisations and the praising of the inhuman actions of psychopaths seems to have gone unnoticed by police at the time, although we can be pretty sure that if these men were white and promoting a fascist agenda they would have been spotted and swiftly arrested.

According to the report, Scotland Yard only became aware of the men through social media. If that is the case, we would like to know what all of those CCTV cameras were looking at, and where the police officers who regularly patrol the street on foot or in cars were.

There is no excuse for inaction by the police. Innocent people such as Asmaa Al-kufaishi, abused on our streets by idiots and thugs is a disgrace.

It may be that the idiots handing out these leaflets were already under surveillance by security services – ironic.

The more incidents like this happen the more evident that the police are becoming useless in dealing with radical gangs on the streets of our major cities. The other day there were reports of a gang promoting radical doctrine on a housing estate in popular, who abused a group of people trying to go about their normal business.

Ghaffar Hussain, managing director of the anti-extremism foundation Quilliam, said it is a ‘clear breach of the law’.

“This is a very disturbing development but one that should not come as a surprise since we are aware that around 500 British nationals have joined up with ISIS already.

“We need to have a zero tolerance policy towards ISIS supporters and recruiters in the UK.”

It is not as though the police do not have the powers to tackle this emerging problem. The laws in place give them the power, but it is the ‘politically correct’ and weak management that let the law – and the citizens of the UK – down.

The thing is, if the police are so ineffective, people will take matters into their own hands, and most of us who have been around for a while are aware of the ramifications. One of the worst being that the wrong people will be targeted as street justice is metered out to anyone remotely connected to Islam – a situation we do not want.

It remains to be seen what comes of this. We think there will be the usual smoke and mirrors tactics and effectively nothing will be done.
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