Slave #Britain: Duncan Smith emerges after a period of silence with more lies (#ids #welfare #bedroomtax #uk)

idsaaIain Duncan Smith is to make a speech today (Monday 11th August) in which he will announce that his welfare reforms are at the heart of Britain’s economic recovery.

According to Duncan Smith, reducing dependency on welfare is getting more Britain’s into work, and he intends to intensify welfare reforms.

In his political posturing, Duncan Smith will claim that half of the jobs created under Labour went to foreign nationals, while 75% of jobs created under the coalition government have gone to British nationals.

Duncan Smith will claim that under Labour the number of households where nobody has ever worked doubled and that the welfare bill rose twice as much as average earnings.

Of course, there are a few hard facts that Duncan Smith will not address in his speech, which is obviously intended to take a swipe at Labour as the next general election nears.

He will not mention the SHOCKING rise in zero-hour contracts which effectively push people into economic slavery.

He will not mention that the so-called jobs created under the coalition government are primarily part-time and temporary short-term contacted positions which offer people little or no security for the futures.

He will not mention the SHOCKING rise in wage poverty where the value of lower-end salaries has REDUCED in real terms since the coalition has been in office and is the worst it has been for 20 years.

He will not mention that the majority of so-called ‘jobs’ created since the coalition have been in power are low-paid or pay minimum wage which makes it impossible for families to have any kind of financial security and has PLUNGED many families into debt.

He will not mention the SHOCKING rise in families forced to use food banks because they can not afford the basics to live, such as electricity and gas.

He will not mention the tens of millions of pounds EXTRA his so-called reforms have cost the taxpayer when harsh DWP decisions have been won on appeal.

He will not mention the millions of pounds that local councils and housing associations are forced to spent on legal action to recover rent arrears because vulnerable people are forced into a position where they can not move and can not afford increased housing costs because of the government’s bedroom tax. Money that local councils desperately need to cover cuts in social care, and money which housing associations could spend on more housing.

He will not mention the cost of legal action against the government over their illegal and draconian welfare reforms.

He will not mention more waste of taxpayers’ money as people are forced to move into the expensive private sector, increasing the housing benefit bill.

He will not mention the horrific WASTE of taxpayer’s money by his department which he has CONSISTENTLY LIED ABOUT when questioned by fellow MPs, and which has received intense criticism from government monitoring bodies.

He will not mention the DEATHS of people as a direct result of his intolerable pressure placed on them because of his abusive reforms.

He will not mention the ridiculous rise in sanctions he is forcing Jobcentre staff to impose for the slightest of reasons.

He will not mention the number of people who have been forced to move long distances (sometimes hundreds of miles) away from communities they have lived in all of their lives because of the bedroom tax.

He will not mention the number of people who have been forced to leave family homes they have lived in all of their lives.

He will not mention that his welfare reforms are nothing more than social engineering and economic slavery, forcing the poor and vulnerable into already run-down areas so his rich friends can profit from the lucrative private housing market.

He will not mention that his draconian and fascist policies and ‘reforms’ are destroying the foundation of many communities.

He will not mention the highly lucrative contracts given to ‘preferred partners’ (such as Serco) which are costing the taxpayer BILLIONS of pounds, and which cost much more than if the same functions had been kept within the public sector.

There are many things Duncan Smith will not mention in his speech today. Many important things that show how incompetent he is, and the unbelievable pressure placed on DWP staff to meet unreasonable targets.

Duncan Smith has a documented history of lying, manipulating figures, and using the flimsiest of excuses to justify his government’s penalisation of people for being poor and in financial trouble, primarily because of his governments slashing cuts to the public sector.

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the coalition government is the worst government the UK has experienced in a long time.

We will see an increase in propaganda from the Conservative party over the coming months as they desperately try to persuade voters that the incompetence we have seen from them is part of a ‘longer term plan’, and that the ‘job is unfinished’. Excuses for their deluded and very, very small view of the UK.

There has been a rise in criticism of Cameron and his government from within his own party, who see him as weak, and basically stupid, leader of their party – let alone the UK.

As for Duncan Smith, he is what he is and what he has always been – a nasty weasel who would probably sell his own wife if he thought it would feed his narcissistic (if not psychopathic) view of himself.

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