What now for #Gaza? (#Israel #Middleeast)

whatgazaUpdate: Since we wrote this article another ceasefire has been agreed and seems to be holding. We hope that this will lead to a more permanent truce for the sake of Gaza’a population.

As the 72 hour ceasefire came to an end, both sides resumed their positions and engaged in more violence.

Hamas refused to extend the ceasefire claiming that they had been offered nothing in return, and Israel refuses to move on negotiating the end of their 8 year blockade on Gaza and the demand by Hamas to release 100 prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

The Zionist government in Israel state that they intend to see their objectives through, which Netanyahu described as a long period of quiet – something which is highly unlikely until both sides come to a ceasefire agreement.

Hamas has threatened to increase its attacks on Israel by firing more rockets into the state – which seem futile when the majority are intercepted by Israeli defences and the rest fall in unpopulated remote areas. Perhaps that is a threat the Zionists will take as being not too much of a problem to handle.

With each side wanting the other to meet demands that will never be met, and with neither side offering any gesture of goodwill, this conflict seems to be destined to continue.

This means that more civilians will suffer the horror and atrocities metred out to them by the Zionist war machine as their leaders seem intent on sacrificing their lives to achieve very little.

The people of Gaza are stuck in the middle with nowhere to go.

The international community is not taking any action to force the Zionists to stop shelling civilians, and diplomatic efforts seem weak when compared to the reaction of governments to other conflicts around the world – such as the Ukraine.

So far the Zionist government has acted with impunity, and continues to commit war crimes despite the UN investigation and calls for it to stop targeting civilians.

Neither side seem to be able to enter into unconditional talks as a first step to diplomatic dialogue where each side’s demands and concerns could be negotiated. Instead they prefer to mount military action for no good reason at all.

Both sides need to stop all military action immediately. No conditions, no moaning about who is going to get the ‘better deal’. Just stop right now.

People around the world are losing patience with the Zionists and Hamas as more civilians in Gaza are killed, maimed, and displaced.

Demonstrations over the weekend show that more people than ever are tired of seeing the destruction of lives and of Gaza, and are demanding that something be done to at least bring the violence to an end.

But perhaps this was the sick and twisted plan all along. Do something so horrific that the people of the world will demand action, then offer action or a solution that has some ulterior motive. It is a tried and tested tactic of governments, and has cost many more lives than the whole population of Gaza.

What makes this situation more suspicious is the lack of action by the international community. Apart from South American countries, there are few governments who have imposed any sort of penalty on Israel whatsoever. Most of the European Union abstained from voting when an investigation into war crimes was proposed at the UN, and the U.S. opposed it.

Whatever power game is being played is being kept well out of public view and we are only privy to information released through the mainstream media. Some major media providers such as the BBC didn’t cover major events such as massive protests around the world in support of the people of Gaza until they came under direct criticism. Some of the U.S. networks such as Fox still spread misinformation and present a very bigoted and bias perspective in favour of Israel.

Every minute that slowly grinds on as this conflict continues is another minute of suffering, of killing, of destruction.

It remains to be seen what the outcome will be. One thing is for sure, many people’s lives have been ended unnecessarily, and many more will be living with hellish memories for the rest of their lives.


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