We must support #Jewish and Israeli people who speak out about #Israel’s government (#gaza #London #UK)

spjiReading an article in The Independent about the 150,000 people who protested in London against Israel’s oppression of Gaza was something of a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it was good to see so many people prepared to voice their opinions and stand up for fellow members of humanity, but on the other, it was saddening to read a statement by a Jewish person attending the event.

Dan Rosenberg told the newspaper “It is horrific what is going on in Gaza. It is collective punishment. I don’t know how any human being can stand back while this is happening.

“But it is difficult being here. We have seen the anti-Semitic attitudes and you feel very threatened and scared, but we feel we have to stand up and represent.

“Even standing here we feel quite uncomfortable. You hear people say they think the Jews run the media. Those beliefs are unpleasant, ignorant and racist.

“I have Jewish friends who wanted to come but they felt uncomfortable being here.”

This is one of the problems in our society in the UK – and in other countries around the world.

Instead of differentiating between the specifics of a situation, we use generalized ‘labels’ which do not represent the truth. We have covered this before, but obviously the message is not getting across to some on our society.

There is an enormous difference between the people of Jewish religion, the people of Israel, and the Zionist government of Israel responsible for the atrocities against Palestinians.

Before people start to protest about a cause such as Zionist atrocities against Palestinians, perhaps they should do some research and get their facts right.

Ignorance is not an excuse with so much real information available to anyone who cares to seek it out.

There are many, many Jewish organisations who oppose every aspect of Israel’s Zionist government, from their policies on Palestinians to the abuse of the people of Israel through their use of lies and propaganda.

The same is true of the Israeli people. There are many Israeli’s who are also subjected to brutal treatment and general abuse because they stand against the atrocities of their government.

Both people of Jewish religion and citizens of Israel have demonstrated that they are prepared to stand up for the basic principles of humanity – which is more than can be said for those who choose to label all Jewish and Israeli people as being part of the problem in Gaza.

In the UK, Jewish people who stand against the Zionist government are often shunned by their communities because of the influence of Zionism on organisations who claim to be the voice of the Jewish people – but are obviously not.

Being shunned by their community can mean that every aspect of their life can become difficult, such as friendships, business relationships, and family relationships. On top of this, they may find that those outside of their Jewish communities also shun them – merely because they are Jewish. So a person can be subjected to abuse and rejection whichever way they turn.

It is our responsibility as non-Jewish people to welcome and support those Jewish people who are prepared to stand up for what is right. Many of them are making a brave choice and choosing to stand by their respect for humanitarian principles.

Unfortunately the mainstream media focuses on those Jewish ‘celebrities’ (such as the recent report concerning Joan Rivers) who make sensational statements and who are largely ignorant robots of Zionism. They are not representatives of every Jewish person in the world – and we must remember that.

We must also remember that although there are a vast number of Israeli citizens who support their Zionist government, there are those who oppose it and take direct action at significant cost to themselves who should also be welcomed and supported.

The time for this ridiculous anti-Jewish mentality to end is NOW.

The next time you hear someone express anti-Jewish sentiments, remind them of the FACTS!



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