British companies and organisations must terminate relationships with #Israel IMMEDIATELY (#Gaza #UK)

bcompisAs the 72 hour ceasefire came to an end, Israel resumed its genocidal agenda and continues to commit war crimes.

Israel has ignored calls by governments around the world to comply with international humanitarian law, and has demonstrated that it has no place as a partner to civilised organisations and businesses who understand that such disregard for the basic principles of humanity is unacceptable in our modern society.

It is the responsibility of all commercial and non-commercial organisations within the UK to take a stance against such blatant disregard for international law and human life.

Contributing to the economy of Israel means:

  • That you are contributing to Israel’s purchases of more weapons with which to commit their crimes.
  • You are financing the blockades and inhuman restriction of movement the people of Gaza are subjected to every day of their lives.
  • You are supporting a corrupt and fascist government.
  • You are ignoring the call of millions of people around the world to being Israel to task for their behaviour and crimes against humanity.

So far, the British government has done nothing to make Israel comply with their obligations under international law, and the people of Britain are questioning why the government remains weak on criticising the crimes of the state.

The government are ignoring the concerns of the British people, which has been highlighted by members of Cameron’s own Conservative party criticising him and questioning the ability of Cameron to lead their party – let alone a government.

Because of the weak and pathetic response of the government and their failure to criticise the crimes of Israel highlighted by the UN, the British people feel that they have been forced to take matters into their own hands and take positive action against the Israeli government.

Part of the action of the British people is to boycott Israeli goods and services, and other relationships with the Israeli state, and to boycott British companies who continue to support Israel through business and other ‘co-operative’ arrangements.

It in the interest of everyone to send a very clear message that Israel’s crimes against humanity are unacceptable, and Israel has been allowed by our government to get away with abuses against Palestinians for far too long.

Enough is enough and we call on all British commercial and non-commercial organisations to IMMEDIATELY terminate arrangements involving Israeli goods, services, and any other contractual arrangement with the state.
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One thought on “British companies and organisations must terminate relationships with #Israel IMMEDIATELY (#Gaza #UK)

  1. for sure! and not only should there be no relationship w/ israel, it should never be forgotten how they (israel) broke the “ceasefire” within minutes as civilians (all ages; including kids!) ran , trying to get to their home as they opened fire. – disgusting.

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