‘Jihadists’ must be wiped off the face of our planet. #Islam #Iraq #Syria #Isis

jhdThe rise in extremists across the world is a concern for all humanity, not just the nations affected.

Self-proclaimed ‘jihadists’ are nothing more than barbaric criminals who preach a twisted form of Islam as a licence to indulge themselves in horrific acts against other humans.

In effect, they are non-human – having no regard or interest in the basic concepts of humanity and committing nothing more than criminal actions against the population, as we see in Iraq at the moment.

We could lament the pros and cons of how ‘jihadists’ were allowed to establish themselves and spread unchecked, but the fact is that right now innocent civilians are subjected to intolerable suffering at their hands.

Most of us are aware of the involvement of the US and other governments in establishing al-Qaeda and how that has morphed into the extremist crazies and organisations of today. That is something which needs to be addressed at another time, and playing blame games will not help the millions of people who need help right now – TODAY.

This is what we must concentrate our efforts and concerns on – the humanitarian aspect.

It is clear that the people in Iraq are experiencing atrocities far worse than under the Saddam Hussein regime, and civilians in other countries in the region such as Syria are experiencing similar brutality at the hands of ‘jihadists’.

The current Iraqi government does not have the resources or skills needed to protect its citizens from the brutal onslaught of Isis (or Islamic State or whatever bullshit title they choose to go under).

The problem is what to do about the situation.

Western governments can not stand by as the atrocities of these barbarians continue – regardless of whether the west agrees with the politics of the regime in power in those countries or not. This is not the time to engage in subversion and manipulation to install a ‘friendly’ government in Iraq or anywhere else, nor is it the time to engage in power-brokering or the expansion of business interests in the area.

It is the time to take a stance to prevent the ‘jihad’ poison from inflicting their brutality on fellow members of humanity. Members of humanity who want the same basics as everyone else, to live in peace and security to get on with their daily lives.

As members of the same humanity, we can not allow political or religious differences to interfere with our thinking when looking at this situation.

As ‘normal’ thinking human beings we have an in-built error of thinking which prevents us from taking effective and right action against such threats.

The error is that we see taking the ‘moral’ high ground and our own humanitarian views as being part of a solution.

This is all well and good (and absolutely right) if we are involved with others who hold the same values or are open to a resolution based on what is right for humanity.

In the case of so-called ‘jihadists’ they have no consideration for anything except their own twisted doctrines, and see humanitarian concepts as weaknesses to be exploited. Therefore, we can not expect a solution to come from reason or the core values of humanity.

The fact is, the existence of these extremists’ means that fellow members of humanity will continue to be subjected to inhuman treatment. There is no room for diplomacy.

If we continue to live in a rose-coloured view of the world, in which everyone respects everyone else, and no harm should be done by anyone, we are leaving ourselves wide-open to exploitation by extremist groups such as ‘jihadists’.

One caveat in the universal law of ‘do no harm’ is that humanity must be able to defend itself against threat. We are not evolved sufficiently to cope with threats such as those posed by ‘jihadists’ through peaceful and non-violent means because we have not developed and fully adopted the concept of being as one, regardless of race and so on. Much of humanity still remains separated by such artificial barriers.

This leaves us with few practical options for defending ourselves and taking positive action for the greater good – which must be the prime consideration in this situation.

The simplest and most effective solution is to wipe ‘jihadists’ off the face of the earth completely through intense and unrelenting military action. Unfortunately, our error of thinking may prevent this.

The thought of slaughtering tens of thousands of humans (even though they are effectively non-human through their rejection of basic humanitarian principles) will be abhorrent to many members of humanity, and understandably so.

Most of us have been conditioned to reject action which causes loss of human life at all costs. Unfortunately, this principle has become something of a weight around our necks, and is also partly responsible for the suffering of millions of people at the hands of extremists. It has prevented effective action being taken to stop the spread of something which is in direct conflict of (and a direct threat to) humanitarian principles.

In general, it is right to reject action which result in killing fellow humans, but only if those fellow humans are operating on humanitarian principles in the first place AND are truly defending themselves.

If non-humans such as ‘jihadists’ choose to reject the principles of humanity in favour of following their own twisted and barbaric agenda then they must lose the right to be given consideration under the basic core principles of humanity. We can not apply OUR principles to ‘jihadists’ and other extremists who reject to them – it is illogical and reckless, and results in a significant worsening of the situation for those subjected to their barbarism.

As members of humanity it is our duty to protect other members of humanity who do not have the resources to protect themselves. Therefore we must take DEFENSIVE action on behalf of the ordinary civilians in Iraq and other countries where civilians are subjected to their brutality and inhuman treatment – if that is what they want – which they do.

Western governments should liaise with the governments of Iraq and other affected countries to ensure the suffering of civilians comes to an end as soon as possible. The west – and other governments such as Russia – have the technology to wipe out ‘jihadists’ very swiftly if they are able to put their political differences aside and TOGETHER concentrate on humanitarian principles.

This does not mean that there needs to be a full on invasion or military presence in the affected countries.

Countries with developed military capability are able to use advanced technology to ensure there is minimal civilian impact. Air strikes would be highly effective in wiping out swathes of ‘jihadist’ military units, severely limiting their capability to impose their barbarism on more civilians.

There will be an increased threat of terrorism at some point, whether the ‘jihadist’ poison is dealt with now or not – it is inevitable as more young people become victims of mind control and brainwashing through radicalisation.

Intelligence agencies around the world are well aware of extremists in their countries who are real threats, and who promote the ‘jihad’ doctrine. Those governments must take swift and positive action to eliminate them from our societies and not allow them to live among us spreading their demented poison.

The days of taking a ‘softly’ approach are over, as is the concept of ‘political correctness’ and pandering to the unreasonable demands of those who seek to manipulate such approaches for their own barbaric and primitive agendas.

If governments who have the capability to stop this poison choose to do nothing, the only result will be more civilian suffering and more radicalisation – making the situation far worse in times to come.

Failure to take positive action to HELP countries such as Iraq and Syria is no longer an option. To fail in our basic humanitarian obligations is to sentence the world to the most abhorrent atrocities for years to come – and we have seen this already through failure to control the actions of al-Qaeda which is directly responsible for the development of Isis/Islamic State and their spread across the world.

This is not something which is happening ‘somewhere else’. It is happening in our world – which we are ALL part of.

We wonder if our governments are able to cooperate and bring about an end to this tragic affront to humanity without engaging in their own political agendas. If it is possible then it should be a matter of priority and should become a truly international cooperative humanitarian initiative.

In spreading the concept of love, peace, and respect we must be prepared to have the courage of our convictions and take tough action when it is needed.

We must demonstrate to other ordinary people around the world that we value them as fellow members of humanity, and will do what we can to protect them when they are threatened and abused by those who hold no value in basic humanitarian principles.

We must also demonstrate that we are willing to help other members of humanity without there being ulterior motives.

Is it only when we are able to demonstrate this to others around the world will they accept the values of humanity as valid and real, and start to come together in peace – rejecting the artificial barriers which separate them. Those who choose not to accept them will then know the price they will pay for committing atrocities against civilians.

It is tough to accept that our options are so limited, and that the only solution to prevent further suffering and barbaric atrocities is to engage in violent action to wipe out the cancer in our world.

We do not like the idea either, but there are times, such as now, where the only option is tough love to protect the innocent who want nothing more than to live an ordinary life free from unnecessary pain, suffering and oppression.

It will take courage and commitment from the developed world. It will mean they will have to put aside their political differences and commercial interests, and take a stand for humanity as a whole, and not just those who are seen as having valuable resources to be exploited.

The technology and resources are available to bring an end to ‘jihadists’ and other extremists in a short space of time. The main reason previous attempts have failed is because of the lack of commitment from the international community, invasions based on commercial interests and lies, and the attempted manipulation of public opinion.

As we mentioned near the start of this article, we are well aware of the culpability of developed nations in assisting in the establishment of these extremists, and their spread. But we need to concentrate on the here and how and must stop this threat now.

Developed nations must immediately stop their covert support of extremist organisations, or we will see more monsters created and spreading across the world – bringing unimagined atrocities to civilians.

Countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar must also come under the scrutiny of the developed world, and their role in establishing extremists outside of their own states must be addressed by whatever means possible.

The time has come when infantile political games must stop, and the problems faced by humanity by extremism must be dealt with swiftly and efficiently – no matter who is responsible for starting them.

We need a clean-up of our world and this must start somewhere. The obvious place to start is with the largest affront to humanity.

It is time for humanity to start to take action based on selflessness and the greater good, rather than the selfish moronic and materialistic path it has been following in recent years. Whichever religion, race, or anything else someone considers themselves to be, first and foremost they are a member of humanity. Peace and respect should always be the main force that drives them.


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4 thoughts on “‘Jihadists’ must be wiped off the face of our planet. #Islam #Iraq #Syria #Isis

  1. I can’t believe developed western nations sit back and leave innocent people die at the hands of ISIS, there should be a ground offensive to wipe them out. I don’t like war but when people are being beheaded for no reason this is barbaric, we are in the 21st century and they want to take us back to the dark ages.

    • It is unbelievable that western nations start conflict when there is no need to – killing hundreds of thousands on all sides without a second thought, and yet when there is a genuine need to protect those less able from such a barbaric and primitive ideology they sit back and do nothing, and enter into endless and pointless debates and watch even more people die unnecessarily.

      But we shouldn’t forget that ISIS – or whatever they call themselves today – is a product of UK, US, Israeli, Saudi, Pakistani, and Chinese financial and material support – with other states such as Qatar joining in as and when it suits them.

  2. We in England are beginning to feel the same….someday we will have to re claim our streets..god help that day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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