Baroness #Warsi resigns from #UK government over ‘morally indefensible’ policy on #Gaza (#Politics)

warsiThe big mainstream news story today is that Cameron’s senior Foreign Office minister, Baroness Warsi, has resigned from government because of the government’s ‘morally indefensible’ policy on Gaza.

Warsi sent a letter to Cameron this morning, and tweeted “With deep regret I have this morning written to the Prime Minister &  tendered my resignation. I can no longer support Govt policy on #Gaza”

Cameron has faced increased criticism from within his own Conservative party over the government’s failure to take strong action against the Zionist government in Israel who have murdered civilians in atrocious criminal acts.

When UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s described the latest attacks as a “moral outrage and a criminal act”, Cameron failed to make any statement supporting the UN or condemning the Zionists for what were obvious crimes against humanity. The UN do not make statements lightly, and for Ban Ki-Moon to directly call the acts of the Zionist government ‘criminal’ is something any reasonable government leader should take very, very seriously.

Just last week, several senior conservatives have criticised Cameron for not taking a tough stance and failing to meet the UK’s international obligations.

Former defence minister, Peter Luff and former foreign office minister, Alastair Burt have both expressed their concerns, as have several Conservative MPs, including Margot James who wrote a letter to Cameron calling for the government to review their policy on Gaza and Israel.

On Saturday, Opposition leader Ed Miliband openly condemned Cameron and his government for their failure to take notice of the public outrage at the atrocities taking place.

It is interesting to note that Baroness Warsi states in her letter “There is however great unease across the Foreign Office amongst both Ministers and senior officials, in the way recent decisions are being made.”

It is possible that this is a reference to Cameron’s over-zealousness (or personal vendetta) in taking action against Russia with little or no evidence to back up his claims, while at the same time totally failing to take action against Zionists in Israel when their crimes and total disregard for life other than their own is so obvious.

Any right-minded person would call for the international community to do everything within its power to bring a halt to the atrocities, and would immediately start to take action to ensure resources are put in place to fulfil their international obligations if they were needed.

The only action Cameron has taken is to send British troops to Poland in a display of ‘muscle flexing’ to the Russians – which is neither justifiable nor conducive to bringing about a peaceful resolution in the Ukraine.

Cameron’s perception of international relations seems to be based in his personal agenda rather than what is acceptable and reasonable, and his perception is certainly not in the interests of the people of the UK or humanity as a whole.

Baroness Warsi’s decision may be the catalyst needed for others within the Conservative party to take action against Cameron. If they were of right mind the party chairmanship should immediately get rid of this fly in their ointment as soon as possible. Cameron is no good for them, no good for the people of the UK, and is certainly no good for the international community.

The one consistency with Cameron is that he has demonstrated he is totally unskilled and inappropriate to hold any kind of leadership role. Time and time again he has sought to use subversive tactics for his own gain – his personal agenda.

The destruction that Cameron has caused, and will leave in his wake, is considerable. Whether it be ‘welfare reforms’ in the UK, or relationships with other countries (other than the US of course), Cameron has sought to dominate and control rather than enter into real government or diplomacy to ensure the right and fair outcome is the main objective.

Cameron’s actions and behaviours seem typical of a psychopath. The only thing that will be achieved as Cameron uses his last few months in office for his own ends is more destruction and self-centred decisions – regardless of the concerns of people in his own party or the British public.

We think that the letter from Baroness Warsi gives us a lot more information about the way Cameron sees government than the words written on the page.

Here is Baroness Warsi’s letter to Cameron:

Dear Prime Minister

For some weeks, in meetings and discussions, I have been open and honest about my views on the conflict in Gaza and our response to it.

My view has been that our policy in relation to the Middle East Peace Process generally but more recently our approach and language during the current crisis in Gaza is morally indefensible, is not in Britain’s national interest and will have a long term detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically.

Particularly as the Minister with responsibility for the United Nations, The International Criminal Court and Human Rights I believe our approach in relation to the current conflict is neither consistent with our values, specifically our commitment to the rule of law and our long history of support for International Justice. In many ways the absence of the experience and expertise of colleagues like Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve has over the last few weeks become very apparent.

The decision has not been easy. It has been a privilege to serve for 3 years in your Shadow Cabinet and over 4 years in your Cabinet. Introducing you in Blackpool in 2005 as you made your bid for leadership I had the pleasure of being there at the start of the journey and it would have been rewarding to have been there till the end.

The last decade has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best in the Conservative Party and indeed in government. William Hague was probably one of the finest Foreign Secretaries this country has seen and has been inspirational. He dismantled foreign policy making by sofa government and restored decision making and dignity to the Foreign Office. There is however great unease across the Foreign Office amongst both Ministers and senior officials, in the way recent decisions are being made.

Eric Pickles has supported me tirelessly in our work on combating hate crime, challenging anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia and the pioneering work of celebrating faith in the public sphere. This new found confidence in Government has allowed me to take the very public international lead on religious freedom, specifically on the ever growing crisis of the persecution of Christians.

However, early evidence from the Home Office and others shows that the fallout of the current conflict and the potential for the crisis in Gaza and our response to it becoming a basis for radicalisation could have consequences for us for years to come.

From both Eric and William I learnt the art of reconciling passion and idealism with pragmatism and realism, but I always said that long after life in politics I must be able to live with myself for the decisions I took or the decisions I supported. By staying in Government at this time I do not feel I can be sure of that.

It is therefore with regret that I am writing to resign.

You will continue to have my personal support as leader of the Conservative Party as you continue to ensure that our Party evolves to meet the challenges we face in Britain today and ensure that the Party is relevant and responsive to all communities that make up today’s Britain.


Yours sincerely




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