Ex-#DWP staff set up website to help sanctioned benefit claimants and expose government lies (#uk #welfare #bedroomtax)

exdwpA website has been set up to help people who have had benefit payments unfairly sanctioned by jobcentres.

Three former employees of the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) became so disillusioned with the pressure placed on them because of draconian policies introduced by the government, and pressure from Jobcentre managers, that they decided to leave.

One of the former employees (who do not want to be identified) told The Independent  “I decided one Sunday to resign and I never went back. I had loved the job until the last three years but then I could see the way things were going. I got tired of fighting the system. I became active on forums offering advice to people, the more I became involved, the more outraged I became.”

“It’s a harsh environment… everything is designed to trip people up, they are asked to do things that are unsuitable. Some offices are OK and others aren’t – it all depends what manager you have.”

The website (Jobseekersanctionadvice.com) offers free advice and has been inundated with requests for help. One day last week the three former employees received over 200 messages and worked to midnight with five other volunteers with DWP experience to clear the backlog.

The website was launched in June, and without any promotion it went viral last week as hundreds of desperate people sought help against unfair sanctions imposed on them.

The former employees say that many Jobcentre staff are instructed to veto a set proportion of benefit claims for the flimsiest of reasons.

The DWP responded to the claims by saying that ““Decisions on sanctions aren’t taken lightly, but it’s only right that people claiming benefits should do everything they can to find work if they are able. There are no targets for sanctions and we have a well-established system of hardship provision in place.”

However, a recent survey by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) found that nearly two thirds of Jobcentre staff said that they had experienced pressure to refer claimants for a sanction inappropriately.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union, said: “It’s a disgrace how, for political reasons, Jobcentres are being turned from places where unemployed people go to get help into places of fear for many claimants.

“We want the sanctions regime scrapped entirely, it serves no purpose other than to demonise and punish people for being out of work.”

Since Iain Duncan Smith and his cronies have started to tinker with the benefits system through the government’s ‘welfare reforms’, the costs to the taxpayer have spiralled out of control – now costing the taxpayer millions of pounds more each year than before.

The disgusting waste of public money is one thing, but the hardship imposed on people through, what can only be described as, the government’s social engineering policy has cost many dearly. It has broken families, pushed people who have formerly worked all their lives into financial and personal ruin, and been responsible for an unacceptable number of deaths as some people have become so distraught that they feel the only option is to end their own life.

In amongst the propaganda and blatant lies of the government, the true cost of the government’s welfare reforms remains hidden, and it is only when people like these former DWP employees speak out that we get an idea of what the government are really doing to the people of the UK.

Duncan Smith is a renowned liar, but this kind of behaviour goes far beyond that. It shows, without any doubt, that the government is determined to punish the poor and vulnerable who they term ‘skivers’ – with none of them having any idea whatsoever what life is like for those who are not fortunate enough to live the privileged and cossetted lives government ministers have enjoyed.

This underhand and secretive agenda is purposely designed to fool the public into thinking the policies of the government are working when they clearly are not.

The current government in the UK is not fit for purpose, and consists of nothing more than manipulators, charlatans, and over-privileged bullies seeking to line their own pockets.

What is astonishing, is that despite news like this article, there still seems to be fairly strong support for a party that has proven itself to be totally incompetent in public office.

With every week that passes there are reports of government corruption, underhand dealing, and proof of their self-serving agendas – all of which are proven and verifiable. Yet there are still people who (for some inexplicable reason) seem to support them. Of course, the alleged support may be yet another tissue of lies and propaganda from Downing Street.

All of the evidence of incompetence that the public have been made aware of, certainly during the later years of the current government’s term in office, must surely have had an impact and make people really question what is happening in the UK. It seems incredible that though what can only be described as some sort of perverse reasoning anyone would want this government for another term in office.

Or have the public become so numb and blind that they no longer see (or want to see) the injustice happening in our society – right in front of their faces.

We do wonder if the world has become insane when we hear of people believing the lies they are told day-in day-out, and their obvious manipulation by entities like the current government.

Reports like this, based in fact directly from people who have experienced the deception that is now rife throughout every aspect of our society must surely have an impact. Or are the UK public seeing the incredibly selfish and obscene actions of the current government as the way they should behave – selfishly and only concerned with their own little worlds instead of the whole of this planets humanity which we are all part of?

The thing that drives us is that these injustices against the poor and vulnerable in our society (and around the world) are happening every day and we can’t just sit back and let them happen – we have to expose them and speak out in the hope that people will take the reality of the world we live in on-board and do the same – take some action to bring about the end of this slippery road of slavery we are being forced to travel along at a very rapid rate. Sometimes we wonder if it is worth it, and should just let our society, and humanity as a whole, learn lessons the hard way.

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