#Netanyahu has finally gone mad as he expects #USA and other countries to support him. (#gaza #israel #middleeast #politics)

netcrazyThis has got to be the icing on the cake which proves Netanyahu’ psychopathy has gone way over the edge of reason.

After withdrawing from peace talks in Egypt, the Zionist told US officials that he should be ‘trusted’ and that the Obama administration should never ‘second guess’ him again on his actions in Gaza and against Hamas. He told them never to force a truce between Israel and the Palestinians because he knew what he was doing, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

In some twisted and macabre way, Netanyahu thinks that he and his fellow crazies have done something which the rest of the world approves of – goodness knows what he thinks that may be.

We are not sure if Netanyahu even realises that the rest of the world (those with any semblance of common sense and humanity) have called for the crimes of he and his minions to be investigated, and called for them to be taken before the international court.

Perhaps Netanyahu is in denial as normal functioning people around the world protest against the atrocities and genocide he is responsible for.

In the same conversation he also said he should be ‘trusted’ about the unwillingness of Hamas to enter into any cease-fire talks – yet it was he who pulled out of the talks in Egypt!

One crazy, crazy individual. If Hamas are not given a chance to enter into peace talks on a level playing field then how on earth will anyone ever know? All we have seen since this latest atrocity started is the Zionists either putting unreasonable demands on Hamas taking part in talks, not consulting them, or deliberately sabotaging peace talks which Hamas have agreed to. Not that we are condoning or supporting Hamas in any way – just to make that very clear. There is a lot Hamas could have done too.

During the conversation Netanyahu also said that he expected the US and other countries to fully support his action against Gaza.

In the real world, if a person were this deluded and a threat to themselves or others they would be immediately locked up in the nearest mental healthcare facility.

The absolute madness of Netanyahu’s statements leaves one speechless.

Apparently this conversation took place as a result of Zionist claims that an IDF soldier was kidnapped by Hamas. This turned out to be a lie when it was later discovered that the soldier was killed in action blowing up one of Gaza’s tunnels. By this time the US had jumped on the bandwagon and accused Hamas in all sorts of ways – they were wrong, as they usually are.

The Zionists decided to shell the hell out of civilians based on their lie that Hamas had kidnapped a soldier, killing more men, women, and children who have nothing to do with the conflict. But we won’t hear any kind of remorse or apology about that from chief psychopath Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and his followers are clearly lunatics with armaments, and that lunacy is being fuelled by the US and other countries pandering to the Zionist threats and requests – as well as providing them with more weapons and ammunition to kill civilians with.

If you have an ounce of common sense and an inkling of what humanity means then we need say no more.


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