Ed #Miliband accuses David #Cameron of ‘inexplicable silence’ over #Gaza (#politics #Middleeast #UK @UKLabour @Conservatives )

milcamThe Labour leader. Ed Miliband, accused Cameron of a failure of leadership and rebuked him for his “silence on the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians caused by Israel’s military action”.

Of course, instead of making a statement, Cameron’s goons embarked on a ‘blame game’ and played politics, saying that they were “shocked” that Miliband would “play politics with such a serious issue”.

We know damn well that Cameron has failed abysmally as both leader of the government and leader of the Conservative party – even drawing criticism from his own MPs – because of his silence concerning the slaughter of civilians in Gaza.

Cameron has said NOTHING whatsoever which criticises the Zionist atrocities that have taken place in Gaza. All he has said is that Israel has a right to defend itself and should show restraint so civilians are not killed – those are nothing statements – noncommittal bullshit – pretty much the same as Downing Streets response to Milibands criticism.

Perhaps Downing Street and Cameron should keep in mind that it is not just Miliband who is criticising Cameron’s cowardice.

Perhaps Cameron and his fellow idiots have not noticed the hundreds of thousands of people marching around London, including Downing Street and Parliament Square – right on their doorstep, demonstrating against the Zionist atrocities in Gaza and DIRECTLY condemning him and his government over their failure to take action – not even a critical word.

Unsurprisingly, AFTER the criticism of Cameron and his government by Miliband, another one of the cronies Cameron has recently appointed to his cabinet made a statement. Philip Hammond, foreign secretary, said that he had received thousands of emails from a ‘broad swathe’ of people expressing horror at the impact of Israel’s bombardment on Gaza’s population.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph (which you can read on their website if you want to, because we can not be bothered repeating the ridiculous propaganda the article contains), Hammond said that the government agreed that the situation in Gaza had become “simply intolerable”.

Well Hammond, if you know damn well that the majority of the British public are more than concerned about the situation in Gaza, AND the lack of government criticism or actions against the Zionist government, why has the government and your beloved leader not made a statement condemning the atrocities taking place – let alone DO something under their obligations as signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention – or made any comment about the UN investigation into Zionist war crimes?

Yet again, and as always, the only thing we hear from the current government are excuses and shoddy – amateurish – attempts to cover their own arses.

At least Miliband has taken the initiative and stood very firm on he and his parties views of the atrocities affecting 1.8 civilians subjected to the most horrific brutality.

In his statement on Saturday, Ed Miliband said “With the breakdown of Friday’s ceasefire and the prospects of peace seemingly distant, it is now more important than ever that the international community acts to get the two sides to agree to a renewed ceasefire, and thereafter to re-establish meaningful negotiations to achieve a two-state solution.

“David Cameron should be playing a leading role in these efforts to secure peace. He is right to say that Hamas is an appalling, terrorist organisation. Its wholly unjustified rocket attacks on Israeli citizens, as well as the building of tunnels for terrorist purposes, show the organisation’s murderous intent and practice towards Israel and its citizens.

“But the prime minister is wrong not to have opposed Israel’s incursion into Gaza. And his silence on the killing of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians caused by Israel’s military action will be inexplicable to people across Britain and internationally.”

And that is the truth – the people of Britain can see no reason whatsoever for Cameron’s lack of leadership and silence as he leads us into an unnecessary conflict with Russia. This is hardly reported by the mainstream media of course, but take a look beyond and the unrest is clear.

For example, has the mainstream media covered the people out on street all across the UK this weekend who have protested against the UK government’s weakness, and about the atrocities in Gaza? You bet they haven’t.

We are not talking of a few people with placards here and there – we are talking about a vast movement who are sick to death of the ridiculous political games Cameron and his cronies are playing while hundreds of innocent people – fellow members of humanity – are being murdered at the hands of a brutal regime.

And we are not talking about one protest group either. The demonstrations are a combined effort by organisations from all over the country, including national trade unions, who recognise that the events in Gaza are an abomination.

While all of this is going on, coward Cameron and his cronies bury their heads in the sand in the hope that it will all go away. Well here’s some news for them – it isn’t going away and all they have managed to achieve by trying to ignore the people of the UK is to make the movement stronger, and more determined than ever to make our governments answerable to the people – as they are supposed to be. Not just about Gaza either. The people have had enough of bullshit and manipulation.

If this were a social revolution, Cameron and his cronies would be heading for the gallows, or the guillotine (the French have some good ideas of what to do with traitors to the people).

As we have said, we do not support or subscribe to any particular political system. The only thing we are concerned with is that the government of the UK acts in a fair and decent way, and stands for each and every citizen. Actions speak much louder that the PR bullshit that comes out of the present government’s mouths, who have proven themselves to be the most self-serving, manipulative, and corrupt government the UK has had in many years.

What is shocking is that Downing Street should make a statement that they are “shocked” by criticism from Ed Miliband the day after the Zionists sabotaged peace talks in Egypt, when the government and its chief idiot have remained silent.

What is shocking is that Downing Street are so out of touch with reality and the people of the UK that they fail to notice nationwide discontent with the government in general, let alone the situation in Gaza.

Of course Miliband is using this situation to highlight the failings of the current government as the next general election come closer. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. We would probably do the same if such a situation were to occur and were a political party looking to be elected.

The prime directive of the British people must be to get rid of this debacle that calls itself our current government, otherwise we will pay far too high a price for burying our heads in the sand.

If Miliband is true to his word, then he will receive the support of the British people. It is time we had a government that is fair and represents the interests of everybody – and above all is honest in informing the British people of the truth. IF Miliband can achieve this then it will certainly be a refreshing change from the plastic, manufactured idiots we have in government at the moment. There will be tough decisions to be made, and the mess left by the current government is going to take time to sort out. Once again, the proof will be in the application of government rather than words.


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