Why #Gaza must matter to the world (#politics #Israel #HumanRights #humanity)

gazamustSo here we are, sitting in our homes, looking at stuff on our computers. Perhaps with a coffee, tea, or some other beverage. We might even be in our garden on a nice sunny day.

We notice there is more in the news about Gaza and Israel, which we might read providing we have the time in between social media and other demands on our time.

Yes – it’s a terrible thing – all those civilians being killed – but it’s time to reply to all those messages then make dinner.

In that brief fleeting moment, we have heard of one of the worst tragedies of recent years. 1.8 million people subjected to an oppressive military machine 24 hours a day with nowhere to go. They are being shot and killed like fish in a barrel. Men, women, and children killed for merely being in Gaza – not because they are taking part in any kind of offensive – they just happen to be there.

This atrocity is being imposed on the people of Gaza by a supposed democratic and free state. A state western governments have a close relationship with.

It is happening on the other side of the world – it doesn’t affect us. WRONG!

Everything that happens somewhere affects other places and people, and the atrocities in Gaza will affect you and your life in ways you perhaps have yet to understand.

Governments around the world are involved in one way or another – perhaps your government. Members of humanity are being slaughtered in a human abattoir – the same humanity you are part of.

If you choose to ignore the situation in Gaza, you do so at your own peril.

One thing that has been evident since the beginning of the latest Zionist offensive is the lack of commitment by many governments (most predominantly the USA and UK) to take strong action against the war crimes being committed by the Zionists.

The most likely reason for this is that there are very close associations between Zionists and many governments. For example, many Zionists are in positions of influence with the financial sector – not your local retail bank – but in high-end international finance. They are also prominent in media and other influential businesses. Upsetting the Zionists could have consequences for some governments, including the restriction or withdrawal of financial facilities to help grow the economy, or the provision of credit for major projects, and so on.

That is a very simplistic explanation of how Zionism can influence the decisions of governments, but you get the idea. The Zionist web covers most of the ‘civilised’ and they have manoeuvred themselves into positions of influence and power.

As another example, the USA gives over $3 Billion in aid to Israel every year. There is no need – Israel has its own stable economy and is more than capable of looking after its own finances.

Then there are the arms deals. Both the USA and UK supply military equipment to Israel which is a lucrative market. Even during the conflict taking place now, the USA has been supplying Israel with weapons and ammunition that are being used against the people of Gaza.

Even so, whatever other influences are colouring governments decisions, under the Fourth Geneva Convention, signatories (which include most major countries) have obligations to act in certain ways when such atrocities as those in Gaza are suspected or proven.

At the moment, the UN are investigating the war crimes which have taken (and still are taking) place in Gaza. This intervention was started through a voting system in which 29 of the 47 member states of the UN Human Rights Council who voted for the investigation to take place. However, countries of the European Union abstained, and the USA voted against the investigation. Fortunately, there were enough other member states who were willing to fulfil their obligations under the Convention and the motion for an investigation to start was passed.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, many governments are extremely quick to criticise the human rights violations of other countries – especially Arab countries (with some exceptions such as Saudi Arabia) – and countries not affiliated to western financial institutions or big business on the flimsiest of ‘evidence’.

Any government worth any respect would be criticising ALL human rights violations AND taking action under the international agreements they have signed up for – there is no picking and choosing as far as international law is concerned.

Just the few points we have outlined should make you question what influences government decision making and why governments are not taking positive action against very serious human rights abuses and war crimes.

It should also make you question the validity of the information you receive through mainstream media – much of which is strongly influenced by government and Zionists however free you think your country is.

Perhaps the recent events in Gaza have made it more obvious than ever that we rarely know the truth of what our governments are doing behind closed doors. They try to influence our opinions with propaganda and will make any statement they think the public will believe regardless of its basis in truth. Or they will make ‘non-statements’ to cover their own arses.

So what does that mean for you sitting in front of your computer or other device in your safe and sound environment?

It means that those who control and influence what happens in your daily life are not truly concerned with the righteous beliefs they claim to have.

As an example, the UK’s prime minister, David Cameron, is proposing that the UK scraps human rights legislation in favour of some kind of ‘bill of rights’ – which effectively means the UK will be abandoning the European Convention on Human Rights which it has been part of since 1951.

This is a very dangerous move for the people of the UK. Under European legislation there is some protection if the government abuses human rights – which they have done on many occasions. The European Court provides checks and balances which means that governments are forced to comply with human rights legislation or face very severe penalties – and rightly so.

According to official figures by the European Court of Human Rights, the UK has been found guilty of 499 breaches of basic human rights, with a further 67 settled before a judgement was made in the period 1959 to 2013. Of the original 14 signatories (including those who joined within a couple of years), the UK has the fifth highest number of proven human rights abuses. NOT a glowing record at all.

Allowing a government to have complete control over their citizen’s human rights means that they are able to legislate to change any part at any time they wish, and for their own purposes. This effectively allows a rogue government to do as they wish and only give their citizens the human rights which do not interfere with government agendas.

When we consider that governments can not be trusted to act in the best interests of their citizens, and will use all within their power to force compliance with their policies, you can see how easy it would be to turn a nation into government slaves – totally.

In this instance, the UK government are asking that the citizens of the UK have automatic trust in their government. A ridiculous notion considering how anti-citizen the UK government have been since being in office and their less than glowing record of human rights abuses.

Unless you live in a reasonably civilised country such as Iceland, then you may find that your government’s record is less than glowing when it comes to the basic human rights of its citizens.

You may also want to look at the money given to dictatorships and other oppressive governments by your government in the form of ‘foreign aid’. There may be some surprises there when you discover that your government is putting money directly into the hands of dictators rather than organisations who provide real humanitarian aid. Again, the USA gives over $3 billion of taxpayer’s money to Israel for no good reason – unless you count the amount of cash spent on armaments by the Zionist government to be good reason.

What about your government’s welfare and social policies? Are they equal and fair to every citizen or is there an obvious or hidden bias? Is the tax system fair, or does it favour a certain ‘class’ within your society?

Unless you live in a country with a progressive government, you may find that there is a massive difference between the rich and the poor. We are not just referring to financial poverty either. You may find that sectors of your community or society are poor in the quality and availability of the basic services they need and which any caring civilised society would ensure were available – most likely while at the same time the richest in society are becoming richer – either directly or indirectly.

So the situation in Gaza does affect you from a practical perspective. It is an indication of where your government’s true loyalties lay – and it certainly isn’t with its citizens if any of the aforementioned apply.

But there is something much more obvious and disturbing. It is the humanitarian cost of the Gaza conflict.

No one is separated from anyone else – we are all members of humanity, and normal thinking members of humanity have a natural instinct to get along and care for each other. It is only when external influences – such as our governments and extremists – start to manipulate us that we start to see differences – most of them artificial.

If you have a government of normal thinking individuals who value humanity, then surely they would take action against those who choose to slaughter and abuse others for no good reason!

Not so – our governments are natural magnets for some of the most undesirable elements in our society – the greedy – the narcissistic – the psychopathic. There are exceptions, but we inevitably see that those who gain positions of power within government are either put there to serve the agendas of the greedy etc., or are of that nature themselves, most likely gaining their positions through manipulation and a network of similar sycophants.

All they crave is power for themselves – that is it. Government is merely another tool to feed their never ending greed for power.

These kind of people are quite easy to recognise. When it comes time to be elected, they will be unbelievably charming and will tell you everything you want to hear from a potential member of government. They will bend over backwards to make sure they are seen as the only possible candidate with the right values and views. But in the background, they are planning to increase their own power as much as possible, and really don’t care what they have to do to get it.

They are often exposed as they start to make decisions and introduce policies when in government, and it is too late for the citizens to do much about it. They will continue to lie and manipulate, but they will make mistakes along the way which will expose them for that they really are. Even so, they will carry on because they really don’t care what citizens think of them, they only care about nurturing relationship with others they see as being of use.

By nature, they are not able to keep up the pretence in the long term, and generally within about two to three years their true nature becomes more evident. The citizens will start to notice that there are policies and laws introduced on the flimsiest of excuses to curtail their freedoms and welfare, while at the same time they will see those at the top of the pecking order getting the cream – lucrative contracts at the expense of the public purse and workforce, there will start to be more information on government corruption and associations with business and dubious deals – all of which will be at the expense of the public purse which becomes treated like a personal piggy-bank to those in power.

As election time comes near we see the whole process start again. Smoke and mirrors, governments introducing policies they should have been doing from the start of their time in office and so on. Never in all of this manipulation and political posturing will the citizens of the country see any significant change for the better.

When we see something as terrible as the situation in Gaza – where other members of OUR humanity are subjected to horrors that few of us can image, still nothing seems to change. We hear the same excuses, we see the same inaction, and we see the same lack of commitment – exactly the same as we have seen time and time again in the past.

We should be outraged that those in power are failing to recognise or do anything about the fundamental principles of human existence in a modern world.

All we see are our governments protecting those who are responsible for human rights violations – but only for as long as the perpetrators are useful or have a hold over those in power.

A perfect example of this is Saudi Arabia. The country has an awful human rights record, and yet our government leaders very rarely speak out against them. As most of us have figured out by now, it is because Saudi and surrounding countries can stop the flow of oil if they are criticised – let alone have action taken against them. So our supposed leaders ignore crimes against humanity to keep the oil flowing.

If our governments are ignoring these atrocities in other countries then it shows us that if it were in their interests we would be subjected to the same abuse. But they need to keep us working to feed their greedy little machines, and that is much easier if they think we will just comply.

To them it is like keeping hamsters on a wheel just comfortable enough so we won’t cause them problems. If we do cause them problems and challenge their actions then we inevitably see an attempt to stamp us down if we become to threatening to them.

So if the people of Gaza – and other people around the world – can be subjected to the atrocities they face day to day at the hands of a supposed civilised democracy, then so can you.

The old delusional saying of ‘it will never happen here’ has been used many times by those who subsequently ignored the signs and did nothing – then it was too late.

The main problem normal people around the world face is that of extremism.

Whether it be political, racist, or religion, extremism by those with their own power as the driving force is dangerous to us all – wherever they come from and whatever twisted doctrine they choose as a manipulation tool.

As with government, extremist organisations are a natural magnet for those who crave power over other humans – that is it. They will try to impose their doctrine on everyone, whether through political manipulation or direct violence – it is the outcome that matters to them.

It is essential that the normal people of the world open their eyes and see what is going on around them – that the supposed freedoms they enjoy are artificial and only serve the machine they have become part of and perceive as the only option for humanity to exist.

Normal people from all over the world must come together and break this hold of the few in power. Not by violence, but by exposure and non-acceptance of twisted regimes and governments. Eventually those undesirable elements will become extinct – as will the poison they spread over all of us.

So right now, as you sit there, have you thought of how YOU can bring about change for the better – even if it is in a small way?

As we always say, don’t just take our word (or that of anyone else) for it. Do your own research and educate yourselves. Be who you are meant to be and use your power.


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