Jewish people around the world must condemn Zionist actions (#Gaza #Israel #GazaUnderAttack)

jewworldIn the past few day there have been several mainstream media reports claiming that there is a rise in ‘anti-Semitism’ against Jewish communities throughout Europe.

Whether this is fact or fiction, there remains a concern that some elements in society are failing to understand the difference between people of the Jewish religion and Zionists responsible for the atrocities in Gaza.

As we have reported before, the term ‘anti-Semitism’ is inappropriately used and has become a popular term to refer to any incident where Jewish people are subjected to criticism or abuse – when in fact the term relates to a group of people who include Arabs and other Semite peoples.

There is a big difference between people of the Jewish religion and the people of a nation or political movement. Israel is a nation, Zionism is a political movement. Jewish people do not necessarily support Zionism, Israeli people do not necessarily support Zionism.

The problems being created by the government of Israel are created by the Zionist government – not by Jewish people or by the people of Israel.

Throughout the world there are many Jewish campaign organisations who are appalled by the actions of the Zionists and protest for the basic human rights of the people of Gaza and Palestinians as a whole. Unfortunately, we are rarely made aware of their actions through mainstream media.

It is factually and morally wrong to target the Jewish community when criticising the actions of the Zionists.

It is like blaming the whole German race for the actions of the Nazis during world war two, or blaming any other national group for the actions of a very small percentage who hold power and control in a nation. In the UK, it would be like saying that every citizen of the UK agrees with the actions of Cameron and his government – a wrong and ridiculous concept.

So people can not criticise and abuse Jewish people or the citizens of Israel for the atrocities being committed by the Zionists.

It is also wrong to believe that Jewish organisations around the world represent all of the Jewish people. Some may be genuine organisations who are concerned with the general welfare of people of the Jewish faith, but there are plenty of others who have strong links to Zionism, if not directly influenced and controlled by Zionist elements who have manipulated their way into positions of political influence to spread Zionist propaganda among Jewish communities.

As we have seen in the past, there are less educated and less informed elements of modern society who can not tell the difference between the elements responsible for a problem, and those who become caught up by perceived association. Also, we see racist (and mostly ignorant) idiots hijacking an argument to purposely target a group of people for their own motives.

The attitudes of people ignorant of the facts will not change by the intervention of authorities, neither will they magically disappear. In many cases the intervention of the authorities can make the situation far worse, breeding resentment and ill-feeling.

This is where Jewish people around the world must help themselves and take responsibility to ensure that the general population are aware of the facts. Sitting back pleading persecution and doing nothing positive to change public attitudes will not work and is detrimental.

It does Jewish people no good whatsoever to withdraw and cocoon themselves in their own communities.  Jewish people must take the initiative and speak out publically against the atrocities of the Zionists – which any normal thinking human can see are an abomination to humanity.

Whether in groups or individually, it is essential that the general public know that Zionism is not representative of people of the Jewish faith. This can be achieved at both local, national, and international levels. It can even be achieved within Jewish community organisations where there may be elements of Zionist control, propaganda, or sympathy which does not represent the majority view.

Something as simple as relaying your views to non-Jewish people you encounter each day (such as friends and work colleagues) is some help. It doesn’t mean that you have to be continually on your soapbox, but where appropriate you should not be afraid to make your views known.

People will generally believe other people who take a stand rather than authoritative bodies, who are often seen as political and manipulative.

If you are appalled by the treatment of fellow human beings –taking the politics out of the argument – then it is YOUR responsibility to make your views known and to nurture the understanding of the general public where you live – no one can do it as effectively as you can.

Jewish organisations who are not influenced by Zionism MUST make their condemnation of the atrocities taking place absolutely clear.

Until Jewish people start to take a stand against Zionist atrocities the public will remain ignorant and misinformed, which can only result in innocent people remaining the target of people who do not have the information to differentiate.

If you do support the Zionists, then it is time for you to shun the propaganda you have been subjected to and open your eyes to the TRUTH.


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