Conservative MP asks government to change policy on #Gaza – Channel 4 Exclusive (#Israel #Politics #Tories #UK)

camgazmpThis is a first!

Conservative MP, Margot James has written to Philip Hammond to ask him to rethink government policy towards the war.

In the letter she says “My constituents, not all of them Muslim, regard the Israeli action as wholly disproportionate to the threat posed by Hamas.” She continues: “I ask that the government rethinks policy towards the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories.”

So far, the UK government have totally ignored public concern and calls for positive and firm action to stop the genocide in Gaza.

The government has not criticised the Zionist government in Israel, nor made any significant statement on their position concerning the investigation of Zionist war crimes.

The only thing the public has heard from the UK government is that Israel has a right to defend itself and its actions must be proportionate. No condemnation of the Zionists shelling schools, hospitals, and other civilian establishments – which is a crime under international law.

David Cameron in particular has attempted to use smoke and mirrors to cover up his inaction concerning the atrocities taking place in Gaza, and has kept an unbelievably low profile for a supposed ‘leader’ – which we in the UK know he damn well isn’t.

In the Channel 4 exclusive, the full test of the letter reveals that there is a deep rift brewing between members of the party being controlled by Cameron in government, and back bench MPs and Conservative Party members. It shows that Cameron and his cronies not only doesn’t represent the people of the UK, he doesn’t represent members of his own party either!

The letter (Source: Channel4 News where you can read the full report):

Dear Philip

I am writing to you on behalf of many constituents who have contacted me to register their despair at the loss of life in Gaza.  My constituents, not all of them Muslim, regard the Israeli action as wholly disproportionate to the threat posed by Hamas.

I have for many years been a firm supporter of Israel.  I remain a supporter of Israel’s right to security, and to a state in which their citizens can live without fear of bombardment.  However I do not think that the swift, and terrible, elimination of so many Palestinian lives, homes, hospitals and schools can be deemed a proportionate response to the crude rocket fire to which Israel is undoubtedly subject.

I have visited the town of Sderot and understand, and sympathise with, the concerns, frustrations and fears, of an Isreali community living close to the border with Gaza.  But the rockets fired by Hamas, that I saw there, are of an antiquated nature by comparison with the modern weaponry used by Israel to defend their civilians against such attacks.  Attacks which are in any case rendered virtually victimless by the air missile defence system that Israel has in place.

I accept, perhaps more so than the constituents on whose behalf I am writing to you, that Hamas bears substantial responsibility for the lives lost on both sides.  It seems that the original killings of the three young Israeli men was their doing.  Neutral observers confirm that Hamas, and related factions, fire their rockets from, and maintain their weapons within civilian areas, and worse still, from hospitals and schools.  Likewise the network of tunnels under the border have been built in areas of dense population.  This deliberate use of the lives of innocent Palestinian civilians as, in effect, human shields has undoubtedly made it difficult for Israel to avoid the loss of civilian life.

However, given the sophisticated surveillance systems accessible to the Israeli army surely we could have expected far fewer civilian casualties from these operations?  The shelling of a UN run school, being used as a shelter in Gaza, two days ago, in which fifteen people died, marked a new low in a conflict which has seen a truly terrible level of death and destruction in a very short space of time.

Israel makes the point that Hamas has refused several Israeli offers of a ceasefire; even when tabled by neutral players like Egypt.  However, it should be acknowledged that Israel has also rejected, out of hand, proposals made by the United States that would not only have enabled a ceasefire, but would also have re-started the peace process. The US proposals would have brought all players in this tragic confrontation to the table.  I think that these US proposals are worthy of consideration.  We have seen with Isis in Iraq and Syria that there may well be forces within the Middle East, more extreme and violent than Hamas.

To conclude I ask that the government rethinks policy towards the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories.  The scale of suffering in Gaza is far too great, the loss of life, and particularly the lives of children and other vulnerable individuals, cannot be justified on the grounds of defence in proportion to the level of threat faced by Israel from Hamas.  I also think that we should make it clear that it is unacceptable for Israel to just dismiss US proposals for peace without any debate whatsoever.

I will end by wishing you and your diplomatic staff well in your endeavours to help bring about a swift and peaceful resolution to this tragic conflict.

Kind regards,


Margot James MP

Member of Parliament for Stourbridge

PPS to the Rt Hon William Hague MP, Leader of the House

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