Where is David #Cameron as #Israel commits war crimes? (#gaza #middleeast #uk)

camnetAs the Zionist government in Israel continues to commit war crimes, even in the face of a UN investigation into its illegal acts under international law, Dave Cameron stays very silent – failing to criticise the atrocities.

Cameron is supposed to represent the people of the UK, and those people have demonstrated very clearly that the war crimes being committed in Gaza are unacceptable and those responsible must be brought before the International Criminal Court – yet he stays silent on the matter.

IN NO WAY does Cameron represent the British people, he only represents his own interests as we have documented time and time again. His failure to relay the British public’s disgust of Israel’s Zionist government makes this clearer than ever.

As Cameron and his cronies stand idly by as thousands of Palestinian people in Gaza are subjected to horrors beyond the comprehension of many, the only thing Cameron has said is that Israel has a right to defend itself and must show restraint. Not once has he directly criticised their criminal atrocities.

Cameron is an over-privileged, selfish, and spoiled public schoolboy who has never had to do anything to get what he wants, except be manipulative and conniving.

He has no significant work experience, he has no significant life experience, he has never suffered any kind of hardship, he has never experienced poverty, and he has never experienced anything that the many of the public experience as part of their daily lives.

He certainly has never experienced war or conflict, or been subjected to horrific visions of fellow humans being ripped apart (both physically and metaphorically) as a result of others greed and lust for power.

As he carries on in his very comfortable life thinking only of himself and his next manipulation to get his own way, he obviously gives little thought to others who are suffering both because of his actions and inactions. He is not bothered one bit unless it is something he can use for his own purposes – as he has demonstrated concerning the tragedy of flight MH17.

Cameron lives in his own little seemingly psychopathically driven world and has no concept of reality.

To him, he is only interested in courting the favour of those who he deludedly thinks will vote for him at the next election, or those he sees as being able to provide him routes to more perceived power and wealth.

We think it is time that Cameron was given a MASSIVE dose of reality.

He must be made fully aware that he is in a privileged (and unelected) position within the political structure of the UK. As such, it is his DUTY to serve the people of the UK – not the other way round.

Unfortunately, the UK public have no redress against the incompetence of a prime minister unless they do something illegal that is then investigated (which is highly unlikely because of the corruption in the ‘old-boys’ network).

Cameron is in a position where he can get away with almost anything, including introducing stealth legislation to protect himself and his cronies.

So why isn’t Cameron making public statements criticising the Zionist government and their atrocities?

Simply money and power.

If Cameron were to do what any normal human being would and publically criticise the Zionist atrocities, he would upset a lot of people who could control his destiny.

Zionists have a very established presence in the worlds of finance, media, and business within the UK, controlling vast amounts of cash and the flow of information – two essential tools of control and much more powerful than military might.

Cameron’s reluctance to ‘do the right thing’ (an expression he is fond of using – a lot) signifies his close relationship with finance (as did the corrupt sale of Royal Mail by Lazard, Goldman Sachs, and UBS – all with strong Zionist connections), business (he has ensured ‘preferred partners’ gain government contracts), and media (Cameron was once employed – apparently to get ‘real world experience’ – by Carlton Communications run by Michael Green – who was a strong supporter of Zionist causes).

Those are a few examples of how Cameron has placed himself in a position where it is not possible for him to have an objective and unprejudiced viewpoint concerning Zionists. His vested interests override his responsibilities as prime minister, and those of his cronies – who he has just re-arranged into key positions within his cabinet.

The indicators are all there is you take just a little time to look.

In a fair and democratic society, Cameron would not have survived as long as he has. It is only though his manipulation and underhand tactics which oppress the people and suppress the media that he seems protected from prying eyes.

The people of the UK must continue to protest and voice their opinions about the Zionist atrocities in Israel. Although it is highly unlikely to force Cameron to ‘do the right thing’, it will highlight who he is and what he stands for to the rest of the population.

Additionally, it may raise awareness of his government’s failure to fulfil their obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

As far as we are concerned, Cameron is not fit for purpose and should be removed from his position in public office immediately. He should also be investigated for his corrupt dealings with ‘business partners’ – which is contrary to UK law. There is an investigation into his ‘Big Society’ initiative because of the misappropriation of public funds – so we shall see what happens.

In the meantime we must do all we can to support the people of Gaza until our supposed leaders wake-up and do something.

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