#Malaysian Muslim politicians INSULT #Scotland over #Scottie dogs at Commonwealth Games #glasgow2014

malayinsultIn an unbelievable AFFRONT to the people of Scotland, Malaysian politicians complained about Scottie dogs being part of the Commonwealth Games and demand an apology!!

Reality check: Do they really think that the rest of the world should abandon their traditions and national identity just for them, and then DEMAND that the rest of the world respects their traditions – WE THINK NOT!

As with the rest of us, if we visit a foreign country we must respect their traditions, laws, and other symbols of their national identity. We can not demand that Muslim nations such as Malaysia change everything about them and their country just to pander to our views and wishes during a visit, let alone change their abominable infringements and abuses of human rights.

The statement by Mohamad Sabu, deputy president of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said all Islamic countries deserved and apology from organisers.

“This is just so disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims – especially as it happened during Ramadan,” he added.

“Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, so the organiser should have been more aware and sensitive on this issue.

“It is hoped this incident can teach other Western countries to be more respectful in the future.”

Well tough! Don’t visit then! That is the simple solution to your supposed dilemma.

Shall we mention Malaysian human rights abuses while we are at it?

Perhaps he should be spending his energy on sorting out the oppression of Malaysians.

Malaysia’s abdominal human rights record under the current regime includes (but is in no way limited to):

  • Detention without trial,
  • Arrests of opposition activists for organizing peaceful protests,
  • Attempts to shut down human rights NGOs.

What about the Malaysian government’s censorship by tightening its control over television, radio, printed newspapers, magazines, books, films and video. Is that so they can cover up their own corrupt activities by officials high in the Malaysian government? Oh yes – we know about those too!

To Mohamad Sabu:

So you don’t like dogs? As a nation Great Britain has a tradition of dog ownership and care – understand?

You are in Scotland, and it is up to YOU to respect the traditions of that nation – not the other way around.

Again – if you don’t like it and choose to INSULT the people of Scotland, we would suggest that you go back to your corrupt nation and stay in your small bubble – because there will be many more traditions of other civilised counties you will be offended by!

If anything, YOU should be apologising to the people of Scotland for your disrespectful comments!

Based on a news report in: The Independent


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