DISGRACE! Zionists shell school after being warned 17 times by UN (#Gaza #Israel #MiddleEast #war #politics)

jabalyaIn an unbelievable affront to humanity, Israeli defence Forces shelled a UN school being used by 3,300 people as a shelter, even though they had be warned 17 times by UN staff of the precise location of the school and the fact that it was housing displaced people.

At least three shells hit the Jabaliya Elimentary Girl’s school and the immediate vicinity last night resulting in the death of at least 19 people, many of them children murdered in their sleep.

Christopher Gunness from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency told the BBC that the Israeli forces were warned 17 times to ensure the school was protected, with the last warning being made at 8:50pm last night. He said the attack was “an affront to all of us… a source of universal shame” and “today the world stands disgraced”.

The Israeli Defence Forces are an absolute disgrace, carrying out such horrendous atrocities at the behest of their Zionist masters.

This is another example of how civilians suffer at the hands of maniacs, and because of the apathy of the international community.

Slaughtering frightened people who are desperately seeking shelter wherever they can from the Zionist war machine in the apocalyptic land that is Gaza is beyond words.

Those responsible for this atrocity, and the many, many others that have occurred since the attack on Gaza began, must be brought to justice in the International Criminal Court and receive the severest penalties possible.


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