A Soldier’s Poem (#war #conflict #welfare)

spoemThis is a poem from one of our visitors which relays the feeling of many soldiers around the world.

After dedicating one’s life to what one believes at the time is an honourable and just cause, many soldiers return to question the motives of those who are responsible for sending them into conflict.

When they return or are no longer of use to those in power, they are cast aside to cope with the aftermath – very often with tragic consequences for them and their loved ones.

They are ‘expected’ by those in power (who are responsible for sending them into conflict in the first place) to cope without any support – to pull themselves together and get on with being a ‘normal’ member of society.

It is impossible for anyone who has experienced conflict in a war zone to view the world the same as they did before. They have experienced horrors that most people will never be exposed to or have an understanding of.

Soldiers returning from conflict experience normal reactions to abnormal situations. They are not robots who can switch feelings on and off at will. Inevitably, this will affect them – at some point.

People who have paid an extremely heavy price which will affect the rest of their lives need support and need to be cared for by society – after all, without their sacrifice society would be very different, and members of that society would not enjoy the relative freedom and security they have.

As human beings, with the exception of mentally troubled and deranged humans such as psychopaths, it is not natural for us to engage in aggressive action against others unless it is in self-defence. Neither is it natural for ‘normal’ members of humanity to accept the gruesome atrocities perpetrated by other humans during conflict and war.

They are an abomination of our deeply rooted and natural unconscious mechanism of ‘morals’.

Although a soldier may justify the things they have been part of, and experienced, as being for the greater good, there still remains a deep dilemma within them – something that may be difficult to explain and rationalise. For some, this will result in a shocking discovery of the real and raw truth of the world that others in society choose to ignore or supress.

In making these discoveries the person will become disillusioned and feel as though they have been used for other’s ulterior motives (perhaps primarily based around power and greed) and had nothing at all to do with self-defence or the defence of their nation. Indeed, this is the truth, but returning to a society which seems to be in denial of the truth can be a frustrating and bewildering experience, especially when, after making their sacrifice for the sake of that society, they are shunned and remain uncared for by those in power responsible for sending them to the conflict.

Instead of returning to a society that is safer and freer because of their efforts, they find they have returned to their society with their eyes wide open – to a society where lies, deceit, and manipulation are used to fool the public so that a few can retain or gain power and financial wealth – probably one of the most disgusting and inhumane reasons for any conflict.

The person is probably surrounded by members of their society who have their eyes shut to the truth, who carry on in their own bubbles, having no concept or ignoring the real truth of the world – an incredibly frustrating situation for a person who has had their eyes open to be in. For how can millions of people be so blind, or not care about the truth?

It can be an extremely lonely place.

But our soldier in the poem is not alone.

There are many other soldiers, and many other members of society, who realise the truth, or on the path to opening their eyes. As people open their eyes – and more importantly, decide to do something about the world – then humanity and our soldiers will no longer suffer at the hands of manipulative power mongers, and humanity will no longer be forced to supress their true nature and place on the planet.

Homeless The Hero

What a pity no one warned you
As your soldiering job is done
That brains get blown away
At both ends of a gun

If a bullet doesn’t get you
Post traumatic stress will
At least a bullet has the decency
To bring a quick end to the kill

The army let you go
Your mind in tatters
Stick with your family
They are all that really matters

You do go home
But you’re just not stable
You fail your main objective
To put food on the table

Your family do love you
But they just couldn’t cope
With a loved one who is
Always reaching for the rope

The pavement is your mattress
And a railway bridge your roof
Would the army ever desert you?
I think you have your proof

Politicians with four homes
The queen with more than that
You fought to protect them
And can’t get a council flat

For queen and country
You risked your life
And lost your home
And lost your wife

Soldiers, of all countries
You fight with all your might
And even as you do
The rich and powerful sleep soundly every night

Too many die, who knows what for
So Isn’t it time we said no more
Told all the world’s rulers
To fight their own bloody war!

There’s a conclusion to this story
And history shows it best
War is always about
Keeping the powerful above the rest

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6 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Poem (#war #conflict #welfare)

  1. Wow…this is powerful and oh so true! Like most people I am so tired of politicians who are responsible for such carnage, and then go onto lead lives of luxury, seeming free of any guilt!!! Thank you, Sarah for positing this…

    Hope it’s a little cooler today. Janet:)

    • Thank you for your comment Janet. Yes – we are controlled by psychopaths, especially in the current political climate who really don’t give a damn about the people they are supposed to represent. But that can change.

  2. Heartbreakingly beautiful, honest and true. Everyone needs to read this!! Thank you and God bless you for sharing 🙂

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