‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism, Israelis, and the Jewish religion – differences we must remember! (#Gaza #Israel #MiddleEast #UK #Europe)

spotthedifferenceIn recent media reports, some organisations claim that ‘anti-Semitism’ is on the rise across Europe.

Firstly, we need to clarify that the organisations making the claims have strong ties with Israel and the Zionist government. Even so, if the claims are correct, people need to educate themselves on the current situation in Israel, and more importantly the meaning of the expression ‘anti-Semitic’, and others that have been used inappropriately.

We need to make a clear distinction between Zionism, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Zionism is a political doctrine which gained popularity in the early 1900s. A Hungarian atheist writer, Theodor Herzl, is often referred to as the ‘father of Zionism’ because of his book ‘Der Judenstaat’ (The Jewish State) which was published in 1896 in Germany.

In the book he proposes a ‘solution’ to the ‘Jewish question’ which is the creation of a Jewish state. This is where the idea of forming the State of Israel as it is today was born.

Anyone can be a Zionist. Zionism is not restricted by a person’s faith. The majority of Jewish people are not Zionists, although Zionists around the world claim to represent Jewish interests – which is untrue. Zionists represent Zionist interests – not those of the Jewish people.

Much of the propaganda we hear (and have heard in the past) which claims modern day ‘persecution’ of Jewish people is sourced in Zionism and spread by Zionists. Even Jewish and Israeli people have been (and are) subjected to a bombardment of misleading propaganda, especially when the Zionists were trying to rally support to establish their new state.

Zionism has evolved into an extremist group of people who will protect their views on the establishment and role of Israel regardless of the views of Jewish and Israeli people around the world, and currently govern Israel.

The main propaganda that nearly everyone is aware of is that of ‘anti-Semitism’. We often hear someone being described as ‘anti-Semitic’ when they criticise the Israeli government.

Anti-Semitic. This term is often misleadingly used when someone is critical of the Israeli state, or Jewish people as a religious group.

Anti-Semitism is a term which relates to race – not religion.

Semites (to which the term refers) are ancient and modern peoples of the near and far east who speak one of the Semitic languages. These include Israelites, Arabs, Ethiopian Semites, Maltese and many others. If someone is truly ‘anti-Semitic’ then it means that they are anti a group of people from an area of the world.

This is totally different to being ‘anti-Jewish’ (which relates to all people of the Jewish faith), ‘anti-Zionist’ (which related to the political organisation of Zionism), or ‘anti-Israeli’ (which relates to the citizens of Israel en-masse).

The Zionists have hijacked the term ‘anti-Semitism’ for their own propaganda purposes to form a tenuous link between their political agendas and the Jewish religion to any casual or uninformed person.

When one takes a closer look at many of the claims of ‘anti-Semitism’ it is easy to see that it is the Zionists (including the Israeli government) who are the subject of criticism and not the Jewish faith.

Israelis are obviously citizens of the state of Israel, which does not necessarily mean they are Zionists even though they have a Zionist government. Many, many Israelis oppose the agendas of Zionists, and protest at Zionist atrocities. Other Israelis are unwitting victims of Zionist propaganda.

Jewish people are not necessarily Zionists or citizens of Israel. As with the Israelis, there are many, many organisations that protest against the Zionists, and who object to Zionist claims of representing the Jewish people. Some go as far as to protest against the state of Israel being in existence because of the way it was formed and the displacement of Arabs. They see the formation of the state of Israel by Zionists as an abomination against the Jewish religion.

The point of this is that we should never put Zionists, Israelis, or the Jewish people under the same umbrella. They are all different with some similarities, and some of the claims of natural connections between them are simply propaganda and untrue.

When we criticise the Israeli government, we are criticising the Zionists – not the Israeli people or the Jewish faith. They are different things, and it is important for all of us to make and express that distinction to nullify the effect of Zionist propaganda used to hide their fascist and genocidal agendas.


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