Religious extremists and bigots have no place in humanity (#religion #gaza #politics #israel #uk)

relbigNearly every major conflict in the world at the moment has some kind of ‘religious’ element to it. But the ‘religion’ used as an excuse for power and control is not religion taught to millions of people of different faiths.

Extremists choose the parts of whatever religion it happens to be, manipulate it, then use it for their own sickening craving for power.

One of the most obvious examples right now is the abuse of Islam by idiots who want nothing more than to control vast populations for their own greed and psychopathic agendas. But we must remember that it is not only Islam that is abused.

Under the guise of being some warped kind of religious guardians, organisations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS claim to be the one and true voice of Islam – a religion which does not condone the oppression and violence we see dished out by the crazy, wailing, idiots we see waiving guns around and committing atrocious violent acts against the general population.

It has nothing to do with implementing religious values, and everything with them being able to act like animals without fear of opposition – they simply crave power.

This is nothing new. For centuries mainstream religions which are followed by the masses have been manipulated and ‘re-interpreted’, then turned around to control the people who ‘believe’.

When large numbers of people subscribe to an idea or philosophy, there will be some who see it as an opportunity to indulge in their own cravings for power and behaviour which would otherwise be unacceptable – probably resulting in the majority expelling the few ‘crazies’ in one way or another – perhaps by killing them as happened millions of years ago to anyone who was perceived as contaminating the general social norm or the genetic pool – problem solved.

Unfortunately, as humans have evolved so have the ‘crazies’, becoming much more tactical and manipulative as they gained knowledge. They learned how to be charming and convince others of their crazy ideas – no matter how bizarre – master manipulators whose only concern is to satisfy their own lusts. But at the same time, they remain very primitive and are often ‘found-out’ (as in politics which is another natural attractor of psychopaths and crazies) and become shunned.

In the case of religious extremists, we see them move very swiftly from manipulator to dominator – especially in small communities of people where they can plant the seeds of their warped views and breed support. They then use those they have manipulated to further spread their crazy doctrines, often telling their ‘disciples’ they are some kind of ‘chosen people’. And so they gain more power and are joined by more mind controlled supporters, who then go on to violently dominate anyone who dares to question their undying faith – which isn’t faith in anything real at all and is just the repetition of crazy notions backed-up by manipulated interpretation.

Normal people then become afraid. In their small communities they may not have much communication with the outside world, relying on their religious faith to guide them in their lives. The crazy ‘disciples’ of the master manipulator will then tell them that if they are true believers they must agree with, or comply with, the manipulated ‘teachings’ of the group or face their God’s wrath.

Although there will be people who know they are being manipulated and abused, they often feel as though there isn’t much they can do about it. The manipulators will have gained (or gained a reputation for having) great power – more powerful than ordinary people. So people will comply or face horrendous brutality. And so the cycle continues.

Eventually the master manipulators will find their way into more official channels, such as government, which will be their ultimate goal – for a while.

As they gain more power and control so they are able to indoctrinate more people, and develop their skills to be more manipulative of their targets. The more power they get the more power they want, and the craving will never be satisfied.

In the case of ‘Islamic’ extremists, they have infiltrated most countries of the world, and the myth of their ‘religious’ preaching’s takes on more validity and power as more people are mind controlled into believing them.

We see this with the ‘radicalisation’ of (mostly) young people who live in the western world.

If we look into the lives of many of the people who have joined organisations like ISIS and al-Qaeda from the west (in particular) a pattern emerges.

The person may have been liked by many of their friends at school and be seen as someone helpful to others or the community. They may have been ‘model pupils’ or ‘model employees’ who never expressed any strong political or religious views.

At some point, people around them start to notice small changes in their attitudes and behaviour, but nothing to indicate they are undergoing a ‘radicalisation’ process.

It is almost as though one minute the person is living quite a normal life and the next they are in some far off country ‘fighting’ for the crazies. Everyone who knows them expresses how shocked they are – even close relatives say they never knew the person had such radical ideologies.

That is the way certain types of people are manipulated. People who generally may look for the good in others and who are helpful. Perhaps they become disillusioned with the atrocities of the world which is against their core beliefs, and start looking for reasons or alternatives.

When the person (who is highly suggestible at this stage) comes into contact with his or her local manipulation expert, they are like flies caught in the spiders trap.

As with cult recruitment, gradually the person is ‘embraced’ by the manipulators. It may take years or months depending on the person. Bit by bit the manipulator takes the person from being embraced by a seemingly caring and accepting ‘community’ through to total devotion for the cause because it becomes seen as the ‘one true answer’.

The same technique has been used for centuries by so-called ‘religious leaders’ to control vast numbers of people and individuals alike.

What we see today in the Islamic extremist movement is probably one of the most extreme examples, where not only are people recruited to the movement, but also engage in extremely violent actions, committing atrocities against, and mutilating, people who come under their control.

Their actions have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam or religion. They have been programmed to commit acts they probably wouldn’t otherwise do – very similar to the Nazis of the Second World War, and other groups where otherwise normal people will commit atrocities against others.

However, the nature of the violence will also attract those who are looking for a licence to indulge in their urges and fantasies without fear of repercussion. Using the excuse of religion and complying with the regimes false rituals for the reward of moments which satisfy their cravings.

The truth is not that these organisations have any interest in the true teachings of their religions, it is that they use their own manipulated version to satisfy their own lust for power and control. There may be some of their members who genuinely believe that they are acting as the ‘chosen ones’ – but only because they have been manipulated into doing so.

The problem with such organisations is that they have access to modern forms of communication, so are able to spread their ideas to groups of people who have limited access. In many cases the organisation can dominate all communication within an area, so the people have no way of understanding the organisation’s true purpose or of receiving alternative information on which to make judgements.

The community or groups vision of the world may be narrowed to such an extent that they believe the rest of the world is oppressed and has been taken over by the organisation. Media and communication is a very powerful weapon.

These organisations are a serious threat to humanity, and the speed with which they have spread in certain parts of the world, in particular the Middle East, is cause for concern.

As we stated earlier, the Middle East with many millions of people separated from the rest of the world, often living in primitive conditions with an oppressed primitive view of the world, is the ideal breeding ground for extremists. Extremists would have limited impact in more progressive cultures because of the primitive nature of their manipulated ideologies.

Unfortunately, with such manipulative and focused organisations, humanity faces something of a dilemma.

Extremists (by their nature) are extremely difficult to enter into any kind of meaningful or rational dialogue with – if they can be approached at all.

There is no interest by the organisation in capitulating their power in the interests of humanity because they have no interest other than their own power and ability to indulge themselves. That is it.

The only time such organisations will enter into any kind of negotiation with those outside is if they see advantage in it for themselves. Advantage will include the retention of their power, gaining more power, or being able to indulge in their primitive and barbaric agendas. That is all they are interested in.

A solution is not easily found. Unfortunately, when dealing with those involved in these organisations one has to understand that their ‘value system’ is completely different to that of progressive free thinkers and societies. They have no regard or interest in equality or fair dealings with others. They have no interest in the basics of human rights. They have no interest in allowing others to have any power to make decisions. They do not care about the welfare of others in any way whatsoever. To them, other people are toys to be played with as they wish.

The options available to prevent these organisations from spreading or/and to eliminate their primitive and barbaric agendas is limited. To only way to have any impact is to take away what they value and impede their activities to such an extent that they find it impossible to operate.

They can not be reformed as organisations, and it is highly likely that there will be relatively few individuals who are able to be reformed or de-programmed.

As unsavoury as it is to any person who values humanity the only solution is to remove them from society and humanity permanently. Particularly in the west, we have been (mostly) taught to value human life and diversity. This is now an ingrained part of our daily social interaction (even though supposed ‘leaders’ seem to ignore it when it suits them). But it has been ingrained so much that we automatically expect every other culture on earth to have the same values.

The ‘political correctness’ we have been forced fed impedes our ability to think of rational and appropriate solutions to the real problems we face. Not every right decision is formed in fluffy clouds. The world can be a hard and unforgiving place (ask the ordinary people caught up in conflict around the world) and sometimes it is necessary to make very hard decisions.

But as long as those tough decisions are made for the right reasons and a just outcome for the greater good then they must be made – however much they may challenge our view of an ideal world.

The truth is that different cultures have different values, and we fail to take that into account when making hard decisions. To expect someone who has lived their lives in a culture where human life is considered disposable to embrace our values of humanity is ridiculous because they have no concept or understanding of the reasoning behind it. In general, education can make a difference and gradually change attitudes, but not when we are referring to extremist organisations where their only will is to further their own interests.

In effect, we are forced to reduce ourselves to their level to protect the innocent members of humanity who are subjected to their brutality and oppression. Taking the ‘higher moral ground’ will have no effect and will be viewed as a weakness by the extremists. This is probably a contributing factor in the speed with which extremists have been able to take control and spread their barbarism.

While we try to negotiate and educate, the extremists take advantage of it to further their cause.

When dealing with primitive extremist idiots it is unfortunately necessary to take primitive action. If we choose to do nothing then we will eventually pay the price, as will the whole of humanity.

Most of those subjected to these oppressive regimes are normal people who want to get on with their normal lives in peace and safety – nothing else. They have no interest in the manipulative doctrines of extremists.

In making decisions and taking action we have to turn our thoughts away from our protected world to fellow members of humanity who are undergoing the most horrific abuses at the hands of extremists right now – as you are reading this.

There is another aspect to extremism which takes us into a different sphere.

You should also ask yourself how these organisations were formed and why more ‘civilised’ nations did not intervene sooner to stop the spread of this extremist poison.

If you do your own research you will find some interesting facts about how the Mujahideen was used in Afghanistan by the CIA and other intelligence agencies against the Russians in the late 1970s, and how al-Qaeda came to be formed from that, and the Bin-Laden’s very close relationship with the Bush administration of the time, as well as other extremist groups.

You will also find that western intelligence agencies and governments were instrumental in the Syrian uprising – as well as many conflicts referred to as the ‘Arab Spring’.

These are not ‘conspiracy theories’ – they are documented fact which many citizens just don’t bother to inform themselves of. But if you want the information it is readily available.

There is a lot of history attached to how Islamic extremists have gained their power and spread so rapidly in a relatively short time, and much of it involves interference by the governments of ‘civilised’ nations around the world.

There are theories that destabilisation in the Middle East serves the US and other countries who want access to reserves of oil before it runs out, as well as other precious commodities.

Perhaps the lack of action to eliminate extremists is on purpose. Perhaps they are a valuable tool to governments around the world in maintaining instability in the Middle East – perhaps Israel is also part of that initiative.

Whatever the history and underlying reasons for the formation and spread of extremism, the hard fact is that millions of members of humanity are experiencing horrors that many of us can have no perception of.

As fellow members of humanity is it essential that we face our responsibilities and do something to make change happen around the world.

Perhaps the first step is to educate yourself about how the problems facing us today came to be, and the reasons they continue to exist. From a foundation of knowledge you can then decide the appropriate course of action for you.

Burying your head in the sand in the hope that it will all go away, someone else will deal with it, or hoping it won’t come into your back yard is irresponsible and an affront to humanity.

If every human being on the planet did something – even a little – perhaps the world will change to be a much better place for everyone.

Extremists have no place in humanity – especially those who abuse the religious beliefs of the masses for their own sickening agendas.


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