People of the world are losing patience with #Hamas and Zionists in #Israel (#MiddleEast #Politics)

patienceThe ordinary Israeli people want peace and safety.

The ordinary Palestinian people was peace and safety.

It shouldn’t be that hard to achieve.

Both sides can agree a 12 hour ceasefire but seem incapable and unwilling to enter into a longer ceasefire – let alone bring this atrocity to an end.

What an absolutely pathetic and ridiculous situation.

Both sides would rather feed their addiction by getting back to violence as soon as possible than enter into a diplomatic dialogue and bring the suffering of people in Gaza to an end.

What has been clearly demonstrated since this conflict began is that neither side is fit to govern and direct their people.

As this humanitarian disaster continues and opportunity after opportunity to end the killing is rejected by both sides, it is clear that the people of Gaza will continue to suffer intolerable atrocities.

We do not support Hamas or the Zionists, or the weak actions of western governments. We support the ORDINARY PEOPLE of Gaza who are the victims in this stupid game.

If this were not so deadly and serious, it would be as laughable as two children having a tantrum because neither is getting their own way.

We agree that the Zionist oppression of Gaza and genocidal activities of the Zionists are despicable and need to be stopped as soon as possible, and their crimes against humanity punished through the UN and international war crime courts. The time has come where the Zionists must pay the price both for their recent crimes and their crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza during decades of occupation and oppression. It remains to be seen if this will happen, as time and time again the Zionists seem to have been allowed to do as they please with little or no criticism, let alone penalty.

As for Hamas, they know very well that there will be no ceasefire where one of their conditions is an immediate lifting of the Zionist blockade on Gaza. Hamas can insist that it remains a condition of ceasefire for as long as they want – but it will not happen.

Lifting the blockade on Gaza will have to be negotiated. It will need to happen in stages through diplomatic process. The Zionists are not going to lift all blockades and immediately allow free movement of goods and people though Israel – it is ridiculous to think that they would entertain the idea.

Hamas will have to prove to the Zionists (however unsavoury that may be to Hamas) that they will not exploit the gradual lifting of the blockade (if it happens) for terrorist purposes, and that the citizens of Israel will not come under threat. They have to prove they can be trusted.

After the declarations of Hamas leaders over the past few days we wonder if Hamas is capable of honouring such an agreement. Hamas leaders in Gaza and the West Bank have called for more violent actions by Palestinians while ceasefire talks are taking place and the arrangements for the 12 hour ceasefire were implemented.

This kind of primitive tribal behaviour gives Hamas no credibility whatsoever, and casts serious doubts on their ability to enter into a modern diplomatic process with the needs of Palestinians as the prime focus of any negotiations.

The truth is that Jewish and Arab people are more than capable of living together – they did it for centuries on the same piece of land now called Israel. They do it in many, many other parts of the world without resorting to primitive violent actions.

Jewish and Arab people even live in peace in places like Iran and Syria, where each is considered as valid a member of society as the other, and both are represented in the governments of those countries.

There is no valid reason why Jewish and Arab people can’t live in peace right now – other than the self-interested actions of minorities on both sides who flex their perceived power.

The only power either have is that which the majority of ordinary people allow them to have. If they continually fail to put the humanitarian interests of the people they are supposed to represent first and foremost, it will result in their downfall, as has happened many times throughout history – including recent history.

Real power can not be taken – it can only be earned and given.

It is time for the Zionists and Hamas to make a decision. Are they going to carry on with their primitive self-interested agendas, or are they going to be strong and brave, and become leaders who will be respected by the people who allow them to have power?

We shall see as the deadline for the 12 hour ceasefire comes to an end. There are opportunities for both sides to extend the ceasefire – we wonder if they will.


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