The people of #Gaza caught in the middle (#Israel #MiddleEast #Politics)

caughtinthe middleHaving listened to both Zionist and Hamas interviews and statements over the past week of the atrocious conflict that has left hundreds of Gaza civilians dead, and thousands injured, we wonder what hope there is of peace coming to the people.

On the one side we have the Zionists who are determined to continue their offensive against the civilian population of Gaza and keep them under oppressive restrictions, and on the other we have Hamas who are intent on continuing their action against Israel unless the Zionists agree to lift the blockade on Gaza.

Neither side seems to be taking the initiative to introduce a ceasefire which is non-conditional and from which further diplomatic process can take to address both sides concerns.

Perhaps we have extremists on both sides who are unable – let alone unwilling – to understand that to bring calm to the region is going to take effort on their part – and if they make the choice to do nothing then nothing will happen except continuing misery and suffering.

Either side has the capability to take the higher moral ground by calling for an immediate ceasefire, but so far neither has presented a viable and fair solution.

That leaves the people of Gaza in a very precarious position. They are stuck in the middle with neither side seeming to be concerned about the horrendous and unnecessary loss of civilian lives, or the effects this situation is having on Gaza as a whole.

Hamas and the Zionists are not paying the heavy price of their actions – the people of Gaza are, and so are the young Israeli’s sent to do the Zionist’s dirty work.

While both sides’ leaders remain safe and sound, ordinary people are having their hopes, dreams, and future taken away from them and their families destroyed. Mostly people who want nothing more than any other ordinary person in the world – to live their lives in peace.

Young children are literally being blown apart and unidentifiable pieces of their flesh splattered over what was once a home, a school, a hospital, and their blood stains the streets where people once went about their normal daily business. That is reality for the people of Gaza.

As they are forced to abandon homes some of them will have lived in all their lives in a desperate bid to try and find shelter, rockets continue to fall around them and on them.

If they are ever able to return all they will find is rubble and what few possessions remain strewn across the sharp rocks and concrete. In less than a second the lives they once knew have been taken from them – destroyed.

The leaders of the Zionists and Hamas are removed from the intensity of the destruction, killing, bloodshed, and the desperation of young and old as the years that remain of their lives are changed forever.

We see both sides arguing the case for their actions – sometimes stating very obscure and untrue ‘facts’ -, but neither is justified in allowing this atrocity against the people of Gaza to continue.

Mothers holding dead and critically injured children, fathers look on as their families are wiped out, medical staff desperately trying to ease the pain of the living and ease the death of the dying as they come under fire and buildings explode into dust around them. Everyone, whatever their gender, age, or purpose in Gaza is adversely affected by the atrocities taking place, and seeing horrors that will be with them forever.

It is ultimately up to both sides in this conflict to stop this slaughter and inhuman treatment of ordinary people.

We don’t give a damn what religious beliefs they have, or what their agendas are – right now they must bring this unnecessary suffering to an end.

The Zionists must immediately stop all military action in Gaza and withdraw its troops.

Hamas must immediately stop firing rockets into Israel and conducting covert operations against Israeli citizens.

Both must then engage in a diplomatic process to ease the friction between the two territories and stop the people of Gaza being treated worse than animals in an abattoir.

At the moment all we are seeing are two entities acting like spoiled children in the playground – unfortunately the game comes at a horrific human cost.

It is time for both sides to grow-up and face their responsibilities to humanity. To take a deep breath and offer realistic solutions based on logic and practicality – not ideas which are born from hot-headed reactions and prejudice, or solutions based on self-interest.

Only then will the rest of the world – and we mean the normal citizens of the world – give any credence to, or be accepting of, either side as valid leaders of the people.


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