#UK Government still fails to condemn #Israel for their atrocities in #Gaza as Zionists expand their offensive

hamnetIt is unbelievable that in light of recent UN statements concerning the investigation into Zionist war crimes, Philip Hammond the UK’s foreign secretary, still remains in denial that the Zionists are responsible for the most horrific purposeful atrocities we have seen in our time.

In an interview with Sky News, Hammond refuses to acknowledge the extent of human suffering that has taken place, and is still taking place now.

Showing a gross ignorance of international law, Hammond said that civilian casualties are inevitable because Hamas is launching rockets from civilian areas, and makes the excuse that Gaza is a densely populated area where ‘collateral damage’ is inevitable.

Obviously Hammond has no idea of the distinction between ‘collateral damage’ and purposely targeting civilians, as the Zionists are, under international law.

As British citizens, we feel that this weak and pathetic attempt to appease the Zionist warmongers by the government – who have only made this token gesture because of public outrage at their inaction – is reprehensible and is tantamount to complicity by effectively condoning Zionist crimes against the ordinary people of Gaza.

The UK government obviously no longer (if it ever has done) represents the British people – the people who allow those politicians to have their privileged positions and lifestyles. Their total disregard for public concerns and call for action is near treason.

At his meeting with Netanyahu, Hammond continued his very weak representation for the government, using such statements as “Britain is gravely concerned”, the west is becoming “less sympathetic” to Israel, hardly relaying any form of digest or criticism of Zionist actions.

Hammond is also placing the blame for the Zionist’s actions at the feet of Hamas, almost absolving the Zionist disproportionate offensive against the civilians of Gaza.

When asked about the decision of the UN to mount an investigation into Zionist war crimes, Hammond said “I think that is a clear message as the campaign goes on and civilian casualties mount, western public opinion is becoming more and more concerned and less sympathetic to Israel. That is simply a fact. It is also the case that the longer the campaign goes on the stronger Hamas becomes politically.”

At no time did Hammond state that he or the government support the UN investigation. As we have stated before, if this concerned another country – perhaps Russia – then the statements from Hammond and the government would be much stronger and they would be calling for the highest penalties to be imposed by the international communities – but not when it concerns Israel (or rather, the Zionist government).

The Zionist response to calls for restraint and the protection of human life by diplomats visiting Israel has been to announce that it will be escalating the Gaza offensive – taking it to the ‘next stage’.

THAT is how much notice the Zionists take of international opinion – THAT is how much notice they take as their war crimes are investigated – THAT is how much they value humanity and life.

In response to the UN decision to investigate Zionist crimes, chief psychopath Netanyahu said that the accusations and investigations were a travesty.

Netanyahu likened the UN decision to the “grotesque use of human shields”:

“What is equally grotesque is that Israel was condemned in the Human Rights Council, it’s a travesty of justice, it’s a travesty of fairness, it’s a travesty of common sense, it’s a travesty of truth. And I think it will not prevent us from continuing to act to defend our people, to protect them against rocket attacks, and to dismantle the vast terror tunnels network that we have seen that is gears to penetrate our territory. We will continue with that activity in order to defend our people.”

Netanyahu’s delusional and sickening statement indicates that the Zionists have no intention whatsoever of stopping their genocidal initiative against the people of Gaza.

While the Zionists take no notice of international condemnation, and politicians such as Hammond and John Kerry play silly games so they don’t upset Zionists around the world, there will be more unnecessary civilian casualties – more murder – more maiming.

Absolutely disgraceful.


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