Netanyahu inadvertently admits war crimes during BBC interview (#gaza #israel #middleeast)

netwcObviously Netanyahu does not realise that as he speaks during an interview with the BBC he is admitting the war crimes of he and his goons in the Zionist government.

The interview with the BBC (link to video) was on 20th July 2014, and since that time the Zionist genocide machine has increased its offensive against civilians in Gaza.

The transcript of the short video is as follows:

00:00:    I and the people of Israel regret every civilian casualty – even one.

00:07:    We target the rocketeers – we target Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

00:11:    In this particular area it is a stronghold – it’s a terrorist stronghold.

00:15:    They manufacture the rockets there, they store the rockets there, they fire the rockets there.

00:20:    Over a hundred rockets have been fired from this area to the cities of Israel.

00:24:    They also dig terror tunnels – attack tunnels – under the homes where they store the rockets.

00:31:    They build attack tunnels – they penetrate into Israel side and kill Israeli civilians.

00:36:    They try to get into kindergartens – into schools, kibbutz and murder people and kidnap people like XXXXXXXXX (name of person allegedly kidnapped by Hamas).

00:42:    This is what we face, so we want to go in there and clean it up so that we are safe.

00:49     And in the course of doing that we have to go into densely civilian populated areas.

00:55:    We ask the population – leave – we ask them again and again.

01:00:    We call them up, we text them messages, we give the leaflets – we ask them to leave.

01:05:    Hamas says – and some of them do leave – Hamas says don’t leave – we forbid you to leave.

01:11:    So Hamas is using these people – these civilians – as a human shield.

In this interview (and we are sure there will be others which may indicate that crimes have been committed were they to be analysed) Netanyahu clearly states that he and his goons are fully aware that there will be civilians in the areas they have targeted for shelling or other military offensives. He is also aware that in many cases civilians will still be in the property that the Zionists target.

He knows that there are storage tunnels under homes. He knows that his forces go into areas of dense civilian population. He knows that only some of the civilians in the target property/area will leave – therefore he knows that many will not leave. He alleges that Hamas use civilians as human shields.

With the knowledge he clearly states he and his goons have, they make conscious decisions to attack those properties/homes which will still have civilians in or close to them.

Therefore, by Netanyahu’s own admission, he and his forces are specifically targeting civilians and under international law, in any such purposeful action civilian casualties are not collateral damage – they are murdered.

There are no circumstances under which international law allows the purposeful killing of non-combatants – it is very clear. There is no defence.

Regardless of the actions of the other side in a conflict (in this case Hamas) the perpetrator is responsible for their own decisions and actions.

To be clear what the basis of international humanitarian law is,

‘This principle obliges “Parties to a conflict” (i.e. the warring parties, whether states or non-state armed groups) to target only military objectives and not the civilian population or individual civilians or civilian objects (e.g. homes, schools, and hospitals). Failing to make this distinction in military operations represents an indiscriminate attack and is a war crime.’

The law also states:

‘Attacks likely to cause deaths or injuries among the civilian population or damage to civilian objects which would be “excessive” compared to the expected military advantage must be cancelled or suspended.’

What the law is saying is that purposely targeting civilians or their objects (homes, schools, hospitals, and so on) is illegal. That is the important part of the law which seems to apply in the case of Zionist aggression against civilians in Gaza.

This is probably the reason why Hamas has chosen to store weapons etc. under civilian homes. Even so, this does not excuse the actions of the Zionists who, considering their prior knowledge as stated by Netanyahu, should have found alternative ways of completing their military objectives, or suspended or cancelled them – which is where the second part we quoted applies because the Zionists had prior knowledge that their actions would have resulted in excessive civilian casualties (which they have) and their ‘military objective’ could have been accomplished in other ways.

As far as we can see, just from this short interview, Netanyahu has proven that he and his goons generally knew that their actions would contravene international humanitarian law – they knew that they were making general tactical decisions which would lead to war crimes. That should be more than enough evidence to instigate a thorough investigation into individual events to make sure that all those responsible and who were complicit in the atrocities are brought before an international court.

No doubt there is much more evidence that can be extracted from other interviews with Netanyahu, his statements, and interviews with, or statements by, other members of his government and military.

We hope that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, and her staff are fully supported by the international community in completing a thorough and timely investigation – ultimately bringing severe penalties to bear on those responsible.

It is inevitable that the Zionists will make excuses and try to blame someone or something else in order to save their own skins. There may also be members of other western powers who will jump to the Zionist’s aid. A lot of political smoke and mirrors will be used to try and dilute the atrocities of the Zionists.

However much ‘fluff’ and misdirection is used either by the Zionists or their supporters, the hard black and white facts (and in this case both the Zionist actions and the law are very clear with no ambiguity) are that the most horrendous crimes have been committed against a race of people – something the world swore would never happen after the atrocities committed during the second world war – how ironic.


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