#Hamas must take action NOW! (#politics #Gaza #Israel #middleeast)

hamasFrom the events of today, it is clear that the Zionist regime in Israel has no intention of reducing their genocidal offensive, and no intention of taking notice of the UN or the international community which condemns them.

Despite calls for an immediate ceasefire to prevent the humanitarian disaster in Gaza becoming worse, the Zionists have refused, and have stated that they will implement the next stage of their ‘plan’ – which will mean an escalation of violence against Palestinians.

We understand that Hamas – the same as any other government in the world – has a right to defend the territory it governs and its people from attack.

We can also understand that Hamas feels that it must defend itself at all costs after decades during which Palestinians have been subjected to persecution and oppression by the Zionist fanatical element, both in Israel and around the world.

The truth is, that if Hamas continues as it is it will lose – plain and simple. The Zionist military machine is far more powerful than Hamas, and more than capable – and has the will – to wipe Gaza off the face of the earth.

IF Hamas wants to protect the people of Gaza and be seen as a viable power, it must take the higher moral ground, as difficult as that can be when the region has been embroiled in a constant game of cat and mouse with each side trying to get the upper hand on the other for decades.

It is time to change tactics or face obliteration at the hands of the Zionist machine.

Hamas has the capability to initiate a diplomatic solution. Israel will never agree to a ceasefire with Hamas where there are conditions attached – that is proven. The other alternative is to initiate a non-conditional ceasefire as a starting point. From then, other conditions can be negotiated.

Firing rockets into Israel (although they cause few fatalities and little damage) is futile and will not bring an end to the atrocities the Palestinian people are facing. The rockets have little psychological effect on Israeli citizens, and the Zionist government then use that as propaganda against Hamas and the people of Gaza. So it serves only to damage any positive view of Palestinians and Hamas.

It is also essential for Hamas to remember that there is an increasing movement against the Zionists around the world, and within Israel. But this does not necessarily mean that the movement also supports Hamas’ actions. The movement’s concern is the humanitarian cost in this conflict, and past abuses of human rights the Zionists have been responsible for.

For the sake of Gaza, Hamas must move away from its military focus and become an organisation which has the human rights of the population of Gaza as the forefront of its policies.

We no longer live in the 14th century when it was acceptable for warring factions to enter into bitter battles for decades regardless of the human cost. This is a new world with new attitudes and old attitudes are gradually becoming extinct. People and organisations who refuse to accept this change only cause more damage to innocent people and prolong the road to a more peaceful world, ultimately resulting in their own extinction however oppressive they try to be or however much military power they use.

The international community will not accept that Hamas has no responsibility for this conflict – however understandable its motives are.

Although we are seeing certain western elements being very slow to take action or criticise the Zionist’s war crimes, ultimately they will pay the price within their own territories as they too become extinct and fade into history to be forgotten.

So Hamas has choices.

A choice which will not result in ‘losing face’ or in the Zionists ‘winning’ and which could enhance support for them as a valid government and power, or a choice which will result in more unnecessary suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza, and Hamas will still being regarded as a terrorist organisation around the world.

Obviously from this article, we think that Hamas should take the moral high ground – not for its own sake – but for the people of Gaza – and initiate a non-conditional ceasefire immediately.

If the Zionists refuse to accept they will do themselves more damage, and may become subject to much harder actions by other governments around the world.

It remains to see what happens and what decisions the leaders of Hamas make.


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