Our position on #Israel and #Gaza (#UK #Middleeast #humanrights)

whysuoortAs a non-religious and non-political group, our interest in the conflict currently taking place in Gaza is humanitarian.

We feel that we need to help in highlighting the terrible atrocities inflicted on fellow humans – whatever their race, religion, or political beliefs. We are all human beings and the ordinary people of the world want to live their lives free from persecution and the horrors of conflict – they want to live in peace.

Unfortunately, there are people and organisations throughout the world who crave power, and it is they who are responsible for perpetuating human suffering across the globe.

It is our aim to bring information into the public arena highlighting the abuse of power and manipulation of the media which allows these organisations and people to commit acts which are in their own interests – not the interests of humanity as a whole.

As such, the current despicable acts of the Zionist government in Israel need to be challenged.

We live in the 21st century – not the 14th. Mankind and society should have evolved so that conflicts of the kind taking place in Gaza are a thing of the past – relegated to the annals of history. But it is those manipulative organisations following their own agendas who keep the kind of conflicts we see today part of the world’s modern history.

Unfortunately, positions of power where individuals can increase their perceived power or financial wealth tend to attract some of the most undesirable elements of society – those who lean towards psychopathy and narcissism, and may who are clearly psychopathological and narcissists. They will manipulate systems and people to gain what they want – regardless of the destruction they cause along the way.

There are exceptions, but these tend to be rare rather than the norm.

In referring to Israel, we feel that it is important to distinguish between the Zionist government and the Israeli people.

The Zionist government obviously falls into the sphere of psychopathy, while there are many, many Israeli’s who condemn the barbarism and genocidal actions of Zionism. Whether the state of Israel should exist at all is another matter.

Western governments exhibit similar traits to the Zionists. The so-called political leaders of a country do not necessarily represent public opinion – even though they are elected to privileged positions to do so.

In the case of Israel and Gaza we have seen a woeful lack of criticism and action against the Zionist government from the west – or any other major power in the world. In fact, all we have heard through the mainstream media is support for ‘Israel’ and its entitlement to defend itself – nothing about the human suffering of people in Gaza.

And yet, western governments were very quick to blame Russia for the shooting down of flight MH17 – even though at the time of their statements there was no evidence linking Russia to the incident.

This amounts to nothing more than hypocrisy to serve those governments and individuals own self-interest.

Israel’s Zionist government cite that the reason for justifying their offensive against the citizens of Gaza was the refusal of Hamas to enter into an Egyptian brokered dialogue. However, when we take a closer look it is evident that Hamas were not approached about the terms of the meeting prior to Egypt announcing it. In fact, the terms were firmly set in Israel’s favour – not conducive to embracing Hamas in peace talks.

That Hamas refused to take part in the highly prejudice talks is unsurprising. Any talks should remain unconditional and conditions of any agreement negotiated at the talks.

It could be the case that the conditions relating to the talks were purposely structured in the knowledge that Hamas would never agree to them – thereby giving the Zionists what they consider to be justification for their offensive against Gaza.

Whichever way one looks at the situation, Hamas not agreeing to take part in biased talks is not a reason for the Zionists to try and wipe-out Gaza’s population!

The logical thing to do would be to look for re-negotiation so that the meeting would be fair to both parties, but this seems not to have taken place, or have been given any consideration by the Zionists.

When we take into consideration the recent troubles Egypt has experienced perhaps they are not the best or most appropriate country to broker talks between the Zionists and Hamas. It would have been better if a country with a strong history of such negotiations and arrangements had been brokers.

If you were living in a small nation that was at the hands of an oppressive regime, which restricted every aspect of your life – even the food you eat – how would you feel and what would you do?

Anything that goes into Gaza officially has to be approved by the Zionist military forces. The restrictions imposed on the import of goods into Gaza are ridiculous. Things such as chocolate and children’s toys are banned.

Whether it is by land, air, or sea, Zionists control what goes into and out of Gaza. Israel has been constantly accused of imposing harsh and unreasonable restrictions on essential goods, such as food, which could have led to many people in Gaza suffering malnutrition. The response from the Zionists was that enough food was allowed into Gaza for basic rations.

The Zionist government of Israel also severely restrict the import of building materials, which makes it almost impossible for people in Gaza to reconstruct buildings after they have been destroyed by air strikes.

The only way the people of Gaza have been able to survive such strict blockades is by using tunnels dug into Egypt and Israel to smuggle goods in – many of which have now been destroyed.

Since the latest offensive by Zionist forces, further restrictions have been placed on imports into Gaza, and include clothing, shoes, and paper. Exports from Gaza are entirely prohibited by the Zionists.

Egypt has imposed tougher restrictions on travel by Gaza’s population. Since the new government came to power, they have imposed severe restrictions on the ability of Palestinians to use passenger services and have now closed their borders, meaning people and goods are unable to cross the border. Egypt was one of the main routes to transport fuel into Gaza – which is highly restricted under the Zionist blockade.

There have been many incidents where the Zionists have attacked travellers attempting to enter Gaza. In particular, sea vessels have been boarded and the passengers and crew arrested – sometimes by extremely aggressive military tactics, even though the vessels were only carrying civilians.

Then we have the killing of people trying to cross the Gaza/Israel border in an attempt to escape their plight. Often, young men are fired on by Zionist forces before being challenged, resulting in fatalities.

The aggression of Zionist patrols in Gaza is well documented.

The Zionists have also stolen land from Palestinians by introducing ‘settlements’ which gradually creep deeper and deeper into Palestinian territory, destroying Palestinian homes, farms, and businesses.

It is no wonder that the people of Gaza become frustrated as they face a future of brutality at the hands of a foreign power occupying their territory. It is no wonder that whenever possible they will react to the killing of, and the crimes against, their fellow Palestinians.

In the region of 1.8 million people live in the 141 square mile territory. Nearly 1 million of them are UN-registered refugees, being the only group to have been given hereditary refugee status because many were driven from their homes during the Arab-Israeli War in 1948.

Prior to the establishment of the state of Israel, Arabs and Jews had lived together in the region for centuries with no major conflict. In fact, they cooperated with each other. It wasn’t until the Zionists came into the equation and the ensuing brutality against the Arabs that a conflict erupted – understandably.

Although we in no way support Hamas, it is understandable why they have gained the support of Palestinians in Gaza. Hamas is the only organisation that has taken action (whether one agrees with it or not) to provide some protection to the people of Gaza.

Not one country in the western world has done anything to stop the atrocities the people of Gaza face daily. There have been some aid packages put in place (most probably for the countries involved to pretend they are doing something), but these pale in comparison to the billions of dollars the Zionists receive every year from the west.

When crunch time comes, as it has now, the western powers have done nothing of any practical use for the people of Gaza. This clearly indicates where the loyalties of the leaders of those countries lay.

To us, this is a disgraceful situation which should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. Ordinary human lives are being sacrificed for nothing other than greed – which is one of the most despicable reasons for any conflict – and which is (unfortunately) behind the majority of conflicts in the world.

If any of the leaders of these western countries had experienced the blood and guts of conflict at first hand, they would not be so keen to be complicit in Zionist crimes. Most of them have lived (and continue to live) very privileged lives during which they have never really had to do much to get what they want – they just lick each-others backsides and they see the results as some warped kind of achievement.

While these kind of ‘people’ are in positions where they can dictate what happens around the world we will remain locked into the attitudes of a long-gone era – a primitive time where primitive actions are seen as solutions. In reality they solve nothing and create further problems for ordinary people around the world.

Therefore, we are strongly in favour of action to support the people of Gaza because this is one of the most disgusting abuses of Zionist power and complicities of western governments of our time.

Having clearly shown their true colours in the public arena of this conflict, we would suggest that it is up to every citizen – every member of humanity – to support what is right and just. The removal of undesirable elements in our governments is within the reach of most citizens of western countries, as is the ability to raise awareness of the truth and the plight of fellow humans.


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