Lib Dem MP David Ward criticised again over #Gaza tweets (#Israel #Gaza #Politics #Libdems @DavidWardMP #uk)

wardgazaLiberal Democrat MP for Bradford West, David Ward has attracted criticism for the second time over tweets he has made concerning the conflict in Gaza.

Earlier this year, he was criticised for accusing Israel of being an apartheid state and saying that Zionists were ‘losing the battle’.

This time he has been criticised for tweeting “Ich bin ein #palestinian – the West must make up its mind – which side is it on?” and “The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes”.


It is rare for an MP to stand up for what is right from a humanitarian perspective – or anything which resembles the truth of Israel’s despicable actions. David Ward has done this, and the rest of the political establishment do not like it one bit.

Even members of his own party have criticised him, calling the tweets “clearly vile, crass, and offensive”.

It is incredible that while the rest of the members of his party remain silent (and therefore complicit in the current UK government doing NOTHING to assist ordinary people being abused and killed at the hands of fascist Zionists) he has shown that he has an opinion, and that his opinion is rightly criticising the “west’s” lack of action.

Of course, both Labour and the Conservatives have attempted to get political mileage out of David Ward’s comments.

A spokesman for the Labour party (according to the BBC) said David Ward’s tweet (although we don’t know which one Labour were referring to) was a “vile comment from a desperate Lib Dem MP”. They continued “At a time when all sides should be working for a ceasefire and a peaceful settlement, it defies belief that a Liberal Democrat MP should tweet something so vile and irresponsible.”

Yes – all sides SHOULD be working for a peaceful settlement, but the truth is that they – including Labour – have done NOTHING except support Israel’s illegal actions against civilians.

If Labour are a bit lost and don’t know what to do perhaps they should take notice of ALL the major trade unions who support them who have been actively engaging in protests and other action to help bring attention to the plight of the Palestine people and to stop Zionist crimes!

Of course, the Conservatives made a statement which is typical of the small and unreal world in which they exist. The Conservative chairman, Grant Shapps said “No MP should tweet what’s essentially incitement to violence. Completely irresponsible.”

Where in all logic is there an incitement to violence in David Ward’s tweets? Nowhere is where! He merely commented on what he thought he may do if he were subjected to a genocidal and lunatic regime such as the Zionist government of Israel. He didn’t say anywhere that others should be doing it!

Perhaps if the Conservatives removed all their heads from their own self-interested back gardens – or removed themselves from the world completely – we may have some chance of attaining peace and saving the suffering of millions upon millions around the world. The only thing the Conservative have done as part of the coalition government is COST LIVES!

When we take the political heat and point scoring out of the argument, of the MPs currently in Parliament, only a handful have the guts to represent the views of the people they were elected by concerning Israel’s actions against the people of Gaza.

George Galloway is one such MP who holds no punches whatsoever in criticising the government and their corruption. One notable occasion was during prime ministers questions last year when Galloway asked Cameron why he was insisting on providing support to a terrorist organisation in Syria. Instead of answering a perfectly reasonable question, Cameron resorted to personally insulting Galloway – not the sign of a good leader in any sense.

In a similar vein, we must ask why other politicians who should be representing the citizens of the country are not standing together with Ward calling for strong action against the Zionist bully and – especially in the case of the Liberal Democrats who are supposed to be in the coalition government – are not pushing for sanctions to be imposed and Israel’s crimes to be punished by the UN and in international courts.

Ignoring the situation in Gaza, and ignoring the hundreds of thousands of protesters who took to the streets around the world and in the UK last weekend, politicians are forgetting who allows them to have their privileged positions in the first place, and it will come back to bite them.

If the Liberal Democrats had any decency or guts they would be supporting David Ward – but obviously they just don’t care about anyone except themselves – much the same as the rest.

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