David Ward refuses to apologise over #Gaza tweets and the LibDems just lie (#Israel #Gaza #Politics #Libdems @DavidWardMP #uk)

wardrefIn an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, David Ward has refused to apologise for his latest tweets relating to the Gaza conflict.

Ward’s tweets, “Ich bin ein #palestinian – the West must make up its mind – which side is it on?” and “The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes” caused his own party and representatives of Labour and the Conservatives to immediately attack Ward.

Ward is one of millions of people around the world who condemn the Zionist government of Israel for its barbaric action and humanitarian crimes committed in Gaza. As hundreds of thousands of people around the world demonstrated last weekend, and many more who will be holding further demonstrations, the normal people of the world no longer accept the excuses politicians give for not taking action against the Zionists.

As is to be expected, replies to Ward’s tweets were varied. From wholehearted support for Ward through to the usual idiots, with one exceptionally offensive reply from a coward hiding behind the name of ‘Rebel Saint’ calling Palestinians ‘pigs and apes’, who have no understanding of the situation the Zionists have created.

In amongst the political mileage that parties have tried to gain from Ward’s comments by taking them out of context, something very important was ignored. Ward has very specifically CONDEMNED violence by both sides in the conflict.

In a debate in the House of Commons, Ward stood up and specifically CONDEMNED violence on both sides.  Ward said “Does he also agree [directed at Hugh Robertson, The Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office] that the violence perpetrated by both sides must be condemned equally, and that such violence is not and cannot be in the interests of the Palestinians or the Israelis if we are going to work towards a solution to this dreadful conflict?”

Robertson’s response was a usual government ‘non-answer’ and totally avoided the direct question.

In response to a question from the radio programmes presenter, Ward said “The question is why would they want to fire missiles when they know that the missiles will result in further Palestinian deaths, to a disproportionate level? Why are they doing it?” he said.

“They are doing it because they are absolutely desperate and politicians in the West are failing them.”

“The people in Gaza cannot escape, they are hemmed in by land, sea and air. I understand the plight of the people firing the rockets.”

We ask were the controversy is in Ward’s tweets or comments? There is none. He has simply expressed the concerns of millions of people across the world who wonder why the west is not intervening in the crimes of Zionists.

To reiterate, it is clearly illegal under international law to mount military action where it is know that there will be civilian casualties. It is black and white, there are no reasonable excuses – that is the law.

However much ‘fluff’ politicians try to use as an excuse for not taking action against the Zionists, the facts are the facts. Time and time again, as Netanyahu has admitted during live television interviews, Israel has mounted devastating attacks when they have been fully aware that there will be civilian casualties. THIS IS A CRIME CLEARLY SPECIFIED UNDER INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW!

The rest of the Lib Dems are possibly not of this planet.

A spokesman for the party told the BBC “Nick Clegg has been at the forefront of calling for peace in Israel and Gaza.”

Really!! When was that – what did he say – what has he done – was the rest of the world asleep?

We have not heard ONE WORD from the coalition government condemning the Zionist government’s crimes against humanity. In fact, they have remained remarkably quite about Gaza when we consider how vocal and quick to impose sanctions on Russia over the bringing down of flight MH17 in the Ukraine!

So this is the shambles that passed for politics in the UK.

David Ward has told the truth, has expressed real concern, has not insulted anyone, has not advocated violence (quite the opposite in fact), and wants the western powers to help the civilians in Gaza – yet he is pilloried by his own party and other political prostitutes.

Regardless of political leanings, the questions David Ward’s comment raise are appropriate and valid and any reasonable person is thinking the same.

It doesn’t matter what political party and MP belongs to, they should have the balls to represent the people they have been put in place to represent, and question why the government is neither condemning the crimes of the Zionists or initiating actions to help the people of Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is a humanitarian crisis – not some piece in a childish political game.


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