Jewish people reject Zionism (#Israel #Gaza #Netanyahu #middleeast)

rejectIt is heartening to see so many people of Jewish faith speaking out and rejecting Zionism.

Zionism is political, the Jewish faith is a religion – that is the important distinction we must always remember when we discuss Israel and Jewish issues.

The problem for the world, and many Jewish people across the world, is that Zionism has infiltrated every major Jewish organisation. They claim to represent the Jewish people but do not – they represent Zionism. They reject any member of the Jewish faith who refuses to comply with Zionism’s extreme views, and decry any member of the faith who speaks out against Israel, Zionism, or the validity of the state of Israel.

It is the Zionists who have perpetuated and manipulated the concept of anti-Semitism for their own means. Every time someone criticised Zionism or the state of Israel the Zionists would immediately cite the statement or action as anti-Semitic and use this to gain advantage or plead persecution.

If one looks up the definition of anti-Semitic there will be significant variations in the results. For example, if one looks up the definition on Wikipedia, it is clear that the definition has been manipulated and evolved into something far removed from the true original meaning to suit the Zionist agenda.

The true and original meaning is to imply discrimination against Semites, a group of people who include Arabs and other peoples. It is not specifically a term that refers to people of the Jewish faith, and is constantly misused.

Writing for Encyclopaedia Britannica, Michael Berenbaum states, “The term is especially inappropriate as a label for the anti-Jewish prejudices, statements, or actions of Arabs or other Semites.”

In referring to the actions of the Nazis in the second world war which culminated in the holocaust, Berenbaum reminds us  that the Nazi’s prejudice “…had a racist dimension in that it targeted Jews because of their supposed biological characteristics—even those who had themselves converted to other religions or whose parents were converts.” Therefore it was anti-Jewish racism – not anti-Semitism.

In an article written in 2012, entitled ‘American Jews Still Reject Zionism at Their Own Risk’. Luke Hiken, who has had a long career as an attorney who has engaged in the practice of criminal, military, immigration, and appellate law, describes his own experiences of rejecting Zionism.

Hiken describes how, as a young mans, the Jewish community were encouraged to donate $5 for stickers to purchase ‘trees’ for Israel, and they were told that for each sticker they bought one tree would be planted. He goes on to describe how the Zionists had perpetuated the myth that the land that was to become Israel was “a land without a people, for a people without a land.”

Little did Hiken and other members of the Jewish community who readily bought ‘trees’ know at the time, but the money was used to buy armaments for the Israeli state. He writes “If anyone would have asked us why we were planting trees in Israel, when the Holy Land was already covered with Olive trees planted by Arab families for more than 5 centuries, we would have accused them of rank anti-Semitism.” Such was the extent and power of Zionist propaganda within Jewish communities.

The Zionists have embedded themselves so deeply in Jewish organisations that Hiken relays how it is impossible for Jews who take pride in their heritage and who reject the racism and violence perpetrated by Zionists to participate in their own communities. He writes “Jews who reject Zionism are outcasts in the established Jewish communities. They have no base and no community. We are either anti-Muslim or invisible. We are left with no alternatives within the broader community.”

Hiken sees the inevitable consequences for Jews across the world who embrace Zionism “Non-Zionist Jews are like the non-existent Left in the United States – we are simply not included in the debates of our nation or among our people; and, because Zionists permit no rational debates or discussions, they are without a clue as to the international implications of their cruelty toward the Palestinian peoples. The world will not put up with this indefinitely. It is just a matter of time.”

Fortunately, Jewish people all over the world are beginning to speak out against the atrocities of the Zionists. Perhaps most vocal are young Jews who see Zionism for what it is and refuse to allow the propaganda of the past to infiltrate their lives in the modern world.

At personal cost, more young Jews are refusing to take part in Zionist compulsory military service.

A group who call themselves ‘Shministim’ (Hebrew for 12th graders) more than 60 signed a letter to Netanyahu in March of this year stating that they will not take part in Zionist barbarism.

The letter reads:

‘We, citizens of the state of Israel, are designated for army service.

We appeal to the readers of this letter to set aside what has always been taken for granted and to reconsider the implications of military service.

We, the undersigned, intend to refuse to serve in the army and the main reason for this refusal is our opposition to the military occupation of Palestinian territories. Palestinians in the occupied territories live under Israeli rule though they did not choose to do so, and have no legal recourse to influence this regime or its decision-making processes. This is neither egalitarian nor just. In these territories, human rights are violated, and acts defined under international law as war-crimes are perpetuated on a daily basis. These include assassinations (extrajudicial killings), the construction of settlements on occupied lands, administrative detentions, torture, collective punishment and the unequal allocation of resources such as electricity and water. Any form of military service reinforces this status quo, and, therefore, in accordance with our conscience, we cannot take part in a system that perpetrates the above-mentioned acts.

The problem with the army does not begin or end with the damage it inflicts on Palestinian society. It infiltrates everyday life in Israeli society too: it shapes the educational system, our workforce opportunities, while fostering racism, violence and ethnic, national and gender-based discrimination.

We refuse to aid the military system in promoting and perpetuating male dominance. In our opinion, the army encourages a violent and militaristic masculine ideal whereby ‘might is right’. This ideal is detrimental to everyone, especially those who do not fit it. Furthermore, we oppose the oppressive, discriminatory, and heavily gendered power structures within the army itself.

We refuse to forsake our principles as a condition to being accepted in our society. We have thought about our refusal deeply and we stand by our decisions.

We appeal to our peers, to those currently serving in the army and/or reserve duty, and to the Israeli public at large, to reconsider their stance on the occupation, the army, and the role of the military in civil society. We believe in the power and ability of civilians to change reality for the better by creating a more fair and just society. Our refusal expresses this belief. ‘

Each year, young people opposed to the treatment of Palestinians join together and send a statement to the prime minister. It is a tradition which started in 1970 when a group of students refused to join the military and sent a letter to Golda Meir, and is gaining more and more supporters with each year that passes. Young Jews from all sectors of the Jewish faith are increasingly refusing to be part of the atrocities committed by Israel.

The Israeli military makes it near-impossible to declare conscientious objector status, and refusers are often jailed for multiple consecutive terms for refusing an order. Meanwhile, many Druze resisters face horrific conditions in prison, including religious and ethnic discrimination. Several Palestinian citizens of Israel from the Druze community are currently incarcerated for refusing the draft.

The Zionist response to any Jewish dissenters of their motives and methods is that the person must be suffering from a condition they describe as ‘self-hatred’. But of course, people criticising Zionism are criticising the politically motivated barbarism and manipulation metered out by its followers – it has nothing to do with being Jewish whatsoever.

As more and more people around the world are calling into question the validity and objectives of the Zionists, there may be change eventually. But with the Zionist allies firmly entrenched in key organisations and governments around the world it may be a very long time coming if it happens at all.

Unfortunately, those in power care nothing for humanity or what is right for humans across the globe. Extremists on all sides continue to exploit and manipulate ordinary people for their own sickening motives and power. The Zionists are no different to the Islamic extremists, or the Christian extremists, or any other extremist organisation that seeks to control ‘believers’.

People from all faiths, ethnicities, social backgrounds, and any of the other artificial barriers that separate us, must come together and establish their true right to live as near a peaceful and humanitarian life as we are able to live – free from the crazy idiots who have snaked themselves into positions of perceived control and power.


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