WHAT!! Idiot #Cameron publicly denounces #Putin but not a bad word about #Netanyahu! (#Gaza #Israel #middleeast #Ukraine #politics)

cscumCan I believe my eyes as I read the report on the Mirror newspaper website? Surely this can not be true! But the story of Cameron’s phone call today with Putin and his ensuing statement seems to be mostly accurate according to other mainstream media sources.

Unbelievably, Cameron has made a public statement on the alleged Russian involvement in the missile attack on flight MH17 and told Putin that the “shooting down of flight MH17 was totally unacceptable” according to a Downing Street statement. Cameron also told Putin that “The delay and restrictions so far were completely unacceptable and indefensible.”

A Downing Street spokesman said that the UK, France, and Germany had agreed that they must be ‘ready’ to hit Russia with further sanctions on Tuesday if the rebels did not allow immediate access to the site. “All three leaders agreed that the immediate priority is to secure access to the crash site and to ensure that specialist teams are able to recover the victims and return them home…” The spokesman continued “They also agreed that the EU must reconsider its approach to Russia and that foreign ministers should be ready to impose further sanctions on Russia when they meet on Tuesday.”

The bringing down of flight MH17 is tragic, and it is important that all sides work together to recover as many of the dead as they can as an urgent priority.

What really, really makes me so disgusted is that the idiot Cameron moves swiftly to denounce and threaten those who he thinks he can get political mileage out of (and who will have no influence on his personal future and finances), but as yet has said NOTHING detrimental about Israel’s Zionist government’s barbarism and genocide!

My thoughts about Cameron are that ‘it’ (because ‘it’ can not be described as human) is nothing more than the lowest self-fulfilling scum to exist on this planet, as are the sycophants ‘it’ surrounds ‘itself’ with.

Cameron has done nothing but used a tragedy as an opportunity to condemn Putin – most likely because Putin put the block on Cameron’s G8 initiative to arm terrorists in Syria. Cameron doesn’t care about the bereaved families – he only seems to care about his ‘self’ and what he can gain from a situation.

If Cameron had any care in him for other people, he would have condemned Israel’s actions from the first day. Cameron has not – therefore there is only one possible conclusion, and that is that Cameron approves of Israel’s genocide and is complicit in it by doing nothing.

Really, Cameron and others like him are the kind of scum we need a lot less of in our society. As one should do with psychopaths, they should be rounded up and separated from the rest of society so they are unable to spread their poison.

Cameron is a disgrace at every level one can think of, and has proven this time and time again since he and his cronies have been in power.

The UK needs a government which puts humanity above all other interests. A government who is fair in its national and international policies and which nurtures and promotes peace, yet is able to take tough action against ANY regime which is responsible for the abuses against humanity we have seen Israel responsible for.

If anything, Cameron and his counterparts should be imposing tough sanctions on Israel – but they won’t.

This is my view – which I believe to be valid and correct based on the evidence I have been able to access. But it is up to you to come to your own conclusion and acknowledge realty. Then it is up to you want you are going to do about it.


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