A UK government idiot speaks (#gaza #israel #uk #politics)

ghamThis may be one of the stupidest statements we have heard from a UK politician concerning Gaza if the ITV report is correct.

The newly appointed foreign minster, Phillip Hammond, made a statement today concerning Israel’s actions against Gaza.

He said “Israel has a right to defend itself against these rocket attacks coming from Gaza, but it must do so in a way that is proportionate and it must take all measures necessary to prevent unnecessary loss of civilian life.”

Every state has a right to defend itself – not just Israel. What about the defence of the people of Gaza from Israeli oppression and genocide? He mentions nothing about that.

Stating that Israel must act in a proportionate way and take all measures to protect civilians is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The conflict has already surpassed the stage of making statements about ‘proportion’ and ‘protecting civilian life’ because it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that Israel has no intention of doing either. The state’s actions are proof of that.

We get the feeling that Hammond is just parroting the same things as the American idiot John Kerry – who has a track record of opening his mouth and nothing relating to common sense coming out of it, and seems just about able to tie his own shoelaces.

What we need to see our governments doing is taking action to stop the suffering of civilians at the hands of Israeli forces – not more rhetoric and excuses for doing nothing.

As the US and UK governments procrastinate more innocent people are dying on the streets of Gaza and in their own homes.

Other countries around the world have decried the actions of the Zionist Israeli government, and some have sent representatives to try and help stop the deliberate slaughter of civilians that is taking place.

Both in the US and the UK all we have heard is idiots stating the obvious – safe statements which no one could really argue with. And what we are seeing is the slaughter of other members of humanity who only want to live peaceful lives and go about normal, everyday business.

We would like to take these idiots who live their lives in their plush egotistical worlds and dump them right in the front-line of Israeli violence. Perhaps that would be the shock they needed to wake up and do something effective for the civilian population.

Anyone who has experienced conflict, war, and the mass slaughter by an imperialist regime would never condone such actions through their silence – unless they were a total psychopath.

The governments of the US and UK do not have total control over citizens yet – even though they try and try – so it is time that those in power were made to act in a responsible way to stop this disgusting Zionist oppression – as it the want of the majority of US and UK citizens.

If those in power choose to do nothing to help the people of Gaza then there will be ramifications as the public remove them from public office and threaten their cushy lifestyles – something they seem to value more than humanity.

The time will come when the majority of people will say enough is enough – and that time is fast approaching.


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