No wonder #USA citizens have no understanding of the world if this is the junk news they are fed (#gaza #middleeast #israel #foxnews)

foxjunkWe were left speechless when we watched this YouTube video of a segment broadcast by Fox News – and we had to play it several times just to make sure we were hearing what we thought we heard!

If this is the kind of ‘news’ broadcast the population of the USA is subjected to then it is no wonder that many Americans have no factual understanding of the rest of the world.

In this segment, Fox’s Megyn Kelly ‘talks’ to someone called Brooke Goldstein about Hamas and its plan to take over the world!

According to Goldstein (the clue is in the name) the whole of the rest of the world’s media is misreporting the situation in Gaza and only her (Fox’s) view/’reporting’ is the correct version.

Normally we would ignore such blatantly ignorant and biased broadcasting/propaganda, but this is SO awful we thought our visitors may like to see the junk fed to people in the United States under the guise of ‘news reporting’.

Just to make things clear, we do not support Hamas and neither do we agree with its primary doctrine. What we are concerned about is the humanitarian cost which is a direct result of the Zionist element in Israel deliberately provoking Hamas to take action to defend Gaza.

Here is the awful Fox segment with the two idiots talking about Gaza – decide for yourselves:



If you want to see more awful reporting by Fox News head over to their website. One reporter refers to the Palestinians as ‘children who need to be taught a lesson’ – quite disgusting.

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One thought on “No wonder #USA citizens have no understanding of the world if this is the junk news they are fed (#gaza #middleeast #israel #foxnews)

  1. did you think otherwise truth it seems isn’t for the masses look at abbey martin telling you how she left with the rest of the reporters who wont bow to them will not have a job it seems the papers tvs have been taking over by said companies so that lie after lie only the news ones getting

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