David #Cameron is complicit in #Israel’s crimes in #Gaza (#middleeast #humanrightsact #uk #politics)

camgazaSince the Zionist government announced it was to initiate brutal and disproportionate military action against the people of Gaza, David Cameron has remained fairly silent.

Instead of criticising the blatant crimes Israel is committing by targeting civilian homes and killing hundreds of ordinary people, Cameron’s only public comment so far is that Israel ‘has the right to defend itself’.

No one is arguing that any state should not have the right to defend itself, but defence is very different from a purposeful invasion of foreign territory using tactics which result in the murder of hundreds of civilians – war crimes

As far as we know, Cameron has never stated that Gaza also has the right to defend itself. Therefore Cameron has showed incredible bias towards Israel by definition.

Israel has been itching to cause trouble in the area for a long time, and the refusal of Hamas to engage in talks that they had not been consulted about is hardly a reason to bomb the hell out of Gaza’s civilian population whichever way you look at it.

Instead of mounting a very disproportionate military offensive, Israel should have attempted to resolve the situation through diplomatic means – talking – discussion – negotiation where each side has to give a little. But that is not something which seems to enter the Zionist mentality.

As other world leaders start to take the unusual step of warning or criticising Israel about its unacceptable actions, Cameron remains silent.

But Cameron will soon jump into the limelight if there is criticism to be made of other countries which he does not support. Syria is a good example, where he took the opportunity to criticise the Syrian government over the slightest thing, and even resorted to repeating lies to try to bolster his own views. The current situation in that region has proven how wrong Cameron’s was.

Israel has got away with criminal activity time and time again, and yet Cameron (and other western leaders) have refused to take action or publically criticise the Zionist regime to any significant extent. As we wrote before, if this were another country Cameron would be very keen to jump on the bandwagon and start shouting for sanctions and other action to be taken. A very hypocritical standpoint.

By failing to take a very firm stance when a country is so obviously committing atrocities and war crimes means that Cameron is complicit by default.

Any reasonable supposed leader of a country would be calling for action against Israel – not because of politics but from a humanitarian perspective. The suffering the trapped population of Gaza are experiencing at the hands of the Zionists is a disgrace and an affront to the basic concepts of humanity.

According to Cameron and his agenda to change human rights law in the UK, the UK is to become a champion for human rights. If that were the case then the question must be asked why is he not championing human rights for the people of Gaza – the right to life, the right to be free of torture, and all of the other basic principles that human rights agreements are supposed to uphold. He is nothing more than a self-fulfilling hypocrite.

The current situation calls for very strong action against the Zionists in Israel. It is not a case of supporting the Zionists or Hamas – it is a case of humanitarianism – where innocent people are paying the price for the lunatic actions of a few.

We see a never-ending loop of violence. Hamas responds to the Zionists oppression of Gaza, and Israel then responds to the actions of Hamas tenfold – and so it goes on.

Words from the international community will have no effect whatsoever on the bombardment of civilians by the Zionists – they simply ignore them and carry on with the heads up their own backsides.

REAL action is needed.

If we had the power, some of the things we would do are:

  • Tell Israel that they must cease all military action and withdraw their military from Gaza within 24 hours.
  • Tell Hamas to stop all military action if the Zionists comply.
  • Failure to comply would then result in an immediate and total trade embargo on Israel, including all essential goods – such as food and fuel.
  • All aid and funding for Israel would immediately cease.
  • Travel restrictions would be imposed on all Israeli nationals.
  • All military and civilian support arrangements would be cancelled.
  • Israeli diplomatic missions would be expelled.
  • No Israeli company or organisation would be permitted to conduct business, and no western company would be permitted to conduct business with Israel.
  • All Israeli assets would be frozen.

In effect, this would be a very swift initiative to send a very clear message to Israel that its actions are unacceptable to the rest of the world.

The unfortunate side effect of these actions is that it would cause difficulty for ordinary Israeli citizens, many of whom do not support the actions of their Zionist government. If that is the case, then it is up to the ordinary people of Israel to make sure their government either conducts itself in a reasonable manner or is changed.

The one thing that would cease now and forever is military aid to Israel. They have proven that they are not capable of managing military resources purely for defensive purposes, and should only be permitted the minimum military resources they need for self-defence.

If the Zionists are going to behave like Barbarians then they should be treated as such.

As for Cameron, well perhaps he will come out of the woodwork when other world leaders start to take a firmer approach towards Israel. Until that time no doubt he will remain hidden away like the coward he is as far as Israel is concerned. It will be interesting to see what criticism he levels at Russia over the latest incident in the Ukraine – we suspect he will have plenty to say about that.

In the meantime, the ordinary people of Gaza will continue to suffer as idiots like Cameron refuse to take any real action to help them.


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