Slave #Britain: #Conservative party outline new strike law if elected (#uk #welfare #bedroomtax #poverty #austerity)

strkIf the Conservative party win the next election their manifesto will include plans to tighten laws on strikes.

The main points of the manifesto is to include:

  • At least 50% of the union membership would have to vote.
  • A three month time limit between the vote results and action being taken.
  • Each aspect of the potential strike action must be detailed on the ballot paper and members must vote on each individual part.
  • Illegal picketing to be made a criminal offence.
  • Code of practice on picketing to become legally binding.

As public sector workers took industrial action earlier this month over government ‘austerity’ measures affecting their pay and pensions, instead of addressing the issues and concerns of ordinary workers, David Cameron immediately announced that the Conservative party would strengthen existing laws to restrict the ability to strike.

Britain already has some of the toughest strike laws of any democratic country according to Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

O’Grady told the BBC  “These proposals are designed to make legal strikes close to impossible. Not a single MP would have been elected under these rules”, she said. “You cannot have proper negotiations between employers and unions without some power for the union side.”

The changes would “fundamentally shift the balance of power in British workplaces in favour of the employer”, she added.

Ms O’Grady said procedures for union strike ballots were “firmly stuck in the last century” and needed to be modernised as a way of strengthening industrial democracy.

She said unions would like to see more members participating in strike ballots and the existing requirements for them to send letters to members’ home addresses to enable them to vote was outdated.

Tightening strike laws is a way for the Conservative party to bury their heads in the sand instead of facing ordinary people’s concerns over the introduction of the government’s draconian polices, which (in one way or another) has affected every worker in the country – especially those at the lower end of the country’s earners.

It is another attempt to restrict citizens’ rights to criticise and confront the government about the decisions they make which impact on everyone’s daily life.

Restricting strike action, restricting press freedoms, and restricting information people are permitted to see on the internet are all suppressive tactics aimed at controlling the populations, rather than fairly governing the country.

The aim of the Conservative party is quite clear and has been demonstrated throughout their term in government. They want to make the poorer in our society slaves to the rich and powerful.


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