Slave #Britain: #Cameron’s attempts to placate public concerns with a #reshuffle – too little too late. (#uk #welfare #politics #poverty #austerity)

crsmThe recent cabinet reshuffle is a lame duck.

With a year to go before the next general election, Cameron has replaced some of the more contentious figures in his cabinet – but not all.

The appointment of more women into his cabinet is a smoke and mirrors tactic to try and fend off concerns some have expressed about the male dominated government. In reality, with a year to go before the government is kicked out, the new appointees will have little opportunity to make any meaningful impact.

The core draconian policies of government are already established and trundling along as part of the great lumbering dinosaur of the Conservative agenda, so new appointees will make no difference, and are hardly likely to reverse or change the decisions of their predecessors.

In effect – there is no point whatsoever in having a cabinet reshuffle so late in their term in office. It is merely an attempt to fool the public into thinking real change is taking place in the hope that more voters will choose Conservative candidates next year – that is all.

Obviously Cameron is banking on UK citizens having very short memories.

It is interesting that Cameron has chosen not to replace Iain Duncan Smith.  With Duncan Smith’s track record since being in charge of welfare being absolutely diabolical (lies, manipulation, and general fascism being some points for concern), and the horrendous waste of taxpayer’s money he has been responsible for, it may have done the government more good if he was removed to some backwater appointment and someone with at least a semblance of common sense and humanity took his place.

Theresa May is another one who we are surprised has survived the reshuffle. Yet another ‘useful idiot’ in Cameron’s government who is keen to do all she can (even in the face of direct and appropriate criticism) to make sure Cameron’s personal vision of becoming a despot is her prime role.

Both of the above are certainly not citizen friendly – seeing their roles as implementing their party’s policies rather than doing what is best for everyone in the UK. Both seem to be skilled manipulators and liars – perhaps verging on the psychopathic.

Ken Clarke and William Hague are also out. Interestingly, both of them have featured strongly in accusations of either being directly involved, or complicit, in abuse cases.

Ken Clarke was accused of groping what he thought was an underage boy, child actor Ben Fellows, when Fellows was working on an investigative television programme (The Cook Report) in the 1980s.

During Thatcher’s time, William Hague was in charge of an investigation into alleged child abuse at care homes by prominent public figures. The victims claim that they were very restricted in the evidence they could present, and were told in no uncertain terms that they could not give any information in court which would identify such figures.

Perhaps with the looming investigation into how the government handled abuse claims in the 1980s Cameron thought it best to have a ‘re-shuffle’ now to save potential future embarrassment. A theory – but possible.

So do you see a pattern emerging? This re-shuffle is nothing more than a PR exercise that will have no impact whatsoever on the long-term objectives of the Conservatives. Within the context of the ‘re-shuffle’ we see that Cameron hangs on to those who support his own fascist views and agendas.

It is a desperate attempt to try and salvage something – anything – that may give the Conservatives more of a chance in the next election. Even Cameron’s fellow party members have criticised the way he has conducted government since being in (unelected) office.

The Liberal Democrats are hardly worth mentioning – as they have been throughout the term of this government.

A fact that seems to have escaped the government is that people want a solid government with the capability to make real and positive change happen – not one which continually engages in manipulative smoke and mirrors politics or introduces policies which destroy the fabric of society.

Government is not an easy task, but there at least has to be some reasonable balance. With the current government there has been no balance whatsoever. They have achieved NOTHING during their term in office (except destruction and mayhem) for the average citizen – a mess the next government will have to try and clean up. 


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