Slave #Britain: The selfish ‘dunce of Downing Street’ wants to stop strike action! (#uk #welfare #bedroomtax #poverty #austerity)

dunce.fwIn a bid to drive YOU into further economic slavery, the ‘dunce of Downing Street’, David Cameron, has pledged to WIPE OUT the right to strike for public sector workers.

In his deluded world he is (as he always has been) totally out of touch with the opinions of the majority of the population who are sick to death of Cameron’s draconian policies which only serve the very rich and his cronies.

Cameron was speaking ahead of tomorrow’s industrial action by members of the National Union of Teachers and other public sector workers in protest over pay and pensions. They will be joined by council workers, health workers, firefighters and civil servants demonstrating against austerity measures in the public sector.

He said the Tory manifesto could back the introduction of a time limit on how long a vote in favour of industrial action would remain valid.

Cameron told MPs: “I don’t think these strikes are right… I think people should turn up for work.

“I think the time has come for looking at setting thresholds in strike ballots… The [NUT] strike ballot took place in 2012, based on a 27 per cent turnout.

“How can it possibly be right for our children’s education to be disrupted by trade unions acting in that way? It is time to legislate and it will be in the Conservative manifesto.” (Source: The Independent)

Well, how can it be right for the current government to implement policies which are specifically directed at the vulnerable in society and which are nothing more than an attempt to create a slave nation? He won’t answer that questions with any semblance of honesty – which is evidently an alien concept in the corridors of power.

Labour accused the Prime Minister of inflaming the situation, rather than trying to find a solution.

A party spokesman said: “We think strikes are a sign of failure. We don’t want these strikes to go ahead, but the Government should be getting round the table, not ramping up the rhetoric.

“There is a frame, which the Conservatives want to use, of blaming low-paid workers and blaming teachers for these strikes.

“The truth is that the low-paid workers have had £250 promised to them then taken away by George Osborne and teachers have been abused and denigrated by Michael Gove.

“The way to resolve these strikes is to stop ramping up the rhetoric and sort things out.”

Cameron fails to understand the basic concept of government – it is there to SERVE the people as a whole – not a few ‘elite’.

When people are abused as they have been since Cameron and his cronies have been in power there is only one outcome – they will use everything in their power to show that enough is enough.

Cameron seems to fail to understand that he does not have a ‘right’ to suppress what he and his cronies do not like – people having a voice as citizens of the UK and as members of humanity.

Only a clinical psychopath would fail to understand that much of the population are concerned about how the vulnerable are treated and looked after, and the way the current government are gradually destroying anything that indicates the UK is an evolving modern nation.

If Cameron and his cronies had their way we would all be dragged back into the oppressive past – certainly not led to the future.

The unions (or what is left of them since Thatcher days) already have very limited powers, and Cameron wants to wipe them out completely so that the ordinary citizen has no power at all.

Cameron is way past his use-by date (which exists somewhere in the 16th century) and it is time he and his cronies were GONE FOREVER!


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