Leon Brittan, Nick Clegg, Malcolm Rifkind, William Hague, Dolphin Square, Missing Dossiers and the VIP Child-Abuse connection


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Former Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, has confirmed that he was handed a dossier of evidence about child-abuse by brave MP Geoffrey Dickens.


Leon previously claimed he had no knowledge of the dossier but when pressed by Simon Danczuk, who investigated child-rapist Cyril Smith, his memory was miraculously restored.

You see, Leon, as with most things on this septic isle of ours, may not be quite the man he first appears to be.

In fact he appears to be up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

Some claim there’s a vile paedophile blackmail ring operating in this country in which Mi5 and Mossad work together to entrap MPs and force them to do their masters bidding.

Children are snatched from loving parents and thrown into care homes where they are preyed on by VIP filth.

The demented hag in charge of this travesty is none other than Margaret…

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