Slave #Britain: Care in crisis: Government expects YOU to fill in for slashed social services (#uk #welfare #bedroomtax #poverty)

pensSince being in in power, the current government has implemented draconian ‘austerity’ measures that have seen our fundamental care and welfare services cut to the bone.

Local authorities have had their funding cut to such an extent that some are unable to meet their minimum statutory obligations – such as one of the largest local authorities in the UK, Birmingham City Council.

The government’s reaction to the care crisis is to ‘pass-the-buck’ and take no responsibility at all for the effects of their own policies. While government spends billions on war, and has increased the foreign aid budget to one of the highest in the world (comparatively), our own elderly and infirm face a life of abject misery as they enter their twilight years.

In an interview with the Financial Times, care minister, Norman Lamb, said that modern families and the state were unable to address the problem and that there was an “overwhelming case” for volunteers to make up the shortfall in services.

Lamb said that Britain had “inadvertently become a neglectful society” as he compared Britain to Spain, where he claimed the majority of elderly people were cared for by their families.

Lamb went on to claim that his call for more volunteers to fill the shortfall in services was not a “cost-cutting option”

What Lamb failed to acknowledge was that social services have faced unprecedented cuts in funding across the range of social care services since the current government came to power in 2010. The result of this is that local authorities (which have been had to juggle the finances they have left) are unable to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable members of our society.

In considering “negligence”, perhaps the fact that the government has taken an axe to public spending which affects the more vulnerable in society, without ensuring there are viable alternatives in place could be considered “negligence” as a minimum, and is more like total incompetence.

While they are perfectly happy to spend BILLIONS on projects which are of little or no benefit to society as a whole, the government considers the destruction of our humanitarian and caring foundation to be acceptable.

Before making such absurd statements, politicians need to clean up their own back yard instead of expecting citizens– many of whom are struggling to cope with the effects of government incompetence and self-centred egotistical policies – to fill the gaps or ‘take up the slack’.

This government has made it blatantly obvious that the only interest they have is in feathering their own nests and those of their cronies.  All they are interested is in stealing money from the taxpayer – and making sure they continue to steal money when they inevitably get kicked out of office.

Any decent government would first have cut wasteful spending and diverted that money into the fundamentals of our society to ensure citizens who have lived their lives in service to the state, in one way or another, are looked after in their old age or/and times of crisis.


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