Slave #Britain: Theresa May wants more snooping powers (#ids #welfare #bedroomtax #poverty #gchq)

maysurve.fwThe home secretary, Theresa May, said during a speech on Tuesday that she wants police and security services to have more powers to access personal data held by internet companies.

Previous attempts to pass legislation have failed, with the most recent fiasco being the government’s attempt to get the Communications Data Bill passed, which would have given unprecedented snooping powers to the government and its agencies. The bill was blocked by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

In an attempt to sway public opinion, May said that it was now a matter of ‘life and death’ that the authorities got the powers they need to access internet communication systems, such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. May said that these services were ‘safe havens’ for organised criminals and terrorists.

Commenting on Mrs May’s speech, Emma Carr, acting director of Big Brother Watch, said: “Yet again the home secretary is clashing with the broad political consensus that no new powers should be introduced until a full independent review into the currently available surveillance legislation and oversight mechanisms has taken place.

“We know from surveillance transparency reports published by private companies that they largely comply with law enforcement requests for communications data.

“Therefore, if the home secretary is stating that communications data was unavailable in specific cases, then that would suggest that a warrant was either not submitted to, or was rejected by, the companies in question. The question therefore should be why is this the case?”

There we have it. The authorities already have the power to snoop on communications they suspect of belonging to criminals and terrorists.

May’s speech is nothing more than smoke and mirrors playing on public fear.

Over recent weeks we have seen many mainstream media reports of the ‘terrorist threat’ to the UK – not least the supposed number of young people who (it is claimed by the government) have become jihadists and will pose a serious threat to UK security when (if) they return to the UK.

Of course, these ‘reports’ are timed to coincide with May’s speech to bolster the government’s (Conservatives) argument for introducing mass surveillance on every citizen of the UK.

The government are using the same old tactic that has been used for centuries to get what they want in the face of public resistance.

  1. Create a problem – in this case terrorism which has been funded by the CIA and UK.
  2. Make the majority of citizens afraid of the problem – terrorists among us.
  3. Offer a solution – highly restrictive or invasive legislation designed for control.
  4. The public will accept the solution (however much it restricts their freedom) because they perceive it as the better that the possible results of the problem – the government champion it as a slight invasion of privacy for the greater good against evil.
  5. The government (in this case) gets what it wants with very little resistance.

The government wants to be able to control the way society develops its core beliefs and behaviour. By having (basically) uncontrolled powers and free reign, the government can gradually increase the level of surveillance and identify threats to it – not real threats to the citizens of the country. Having that kind of information available means that a government can take action against individuals or groups swiftly to prevent them becoming a threat to the government’s power.

We have already seen examples of this. Recently it was revealed that covert operatives {police and MI5) had infiltrated most of the major protest organisations in the UK. The operatives lived among members of these organisations, with some having romantic/sexual relations and fathering children.

Even peaceful groups have been infiltrated.

So May’s speech is nothing more than another attempt to use false data to bolster support for the government’s ‘big brother’ and social engineering agendas.

The government have shot themselves in the foot on many occasions. On the one hand they present ‘fighting terrorism’ as a valid and just cause, and on the other they allow supposed major terrorist figures to live freely among the country’s citizens, and allow them to promote radical causes, as well as allowing them to control supposed terrorist cells and mount attacks.

We have also seen government playing their ‘racism’ card in an attempt to divide the population and create suspicion or conflict between ethnic groups.

Is there a real terrorist threat? Most likely there is, especially when we consider that both the US and UK have been pumping billions of dollars into the purses of supposed terrorist organisations for decades, let alone other resources such as skill sets and equipment.

The highly skilled manipulators originally trained and planted by the US and UK will have set the wheels in motion for terrorist organisations to progress under their own momentum, with little intervention needed to ensure the original concept is successful. There will be those who join or support the terrorist cause totally unaware that they are part of a false system and have been manipulated. The same kind of process that drives mob behaviour and thinking.

Sadly, the reality is that there is most likely a threat from terrorist organisations operated by extremists and the blind faith followers. Although, it may not be as much of a threat as the government like to make it out to be.

As for May and her speech – perhaps the best thing to do is treat it as the manipulative ramblings of a psychopath/narcissist – along with the rubbish that comes out of the mouths of the rest of her buddies in government.

Primary source: BBC News


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