Slave #Britain: Duncan Smith’s aid threatens to shut down food bank – unbelievable! (#ids #welfare #bedroomtax #poverty)

ttIn another episode of dubious and manipulative tactics, one of Iain Duncan Smith’s aides is alleged to have threatened to ‘shut-down’ the Trussell Trust – one of the UK’s largest food bank operators.

Chris Mould, chair of the Trussell Trust, told The Independent that he had been warned during a private conversation that the “Government might try to shut you down” over its public campaigning on the plight of people unable to feed themselves or their families.

The revelation was given in evidence presented by the trust to the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector earlier this week. According to the trust, the encounter/threat took place in March of last year.

Mr Mould said: “This was somebody telling me something which was probably being conveyed to me as a message from ministerial level.” He added, “It was said in anger”, and that the conversation got back to “a sensible place”. However he said the incident “exposes the way in which people in the political world think”, which he said “is quite often private, quite often secret, quite often slightly malevolent, with intent”.

Mr Mould also admitted that the charity had decided to become less vocal about food poverty in the wake of the incident.

Although Mr Mould said he was unable to identify which of Duncan Smith’s aides issued the threat, The Independent has received information from government sources that indicate Conservative MP Andrew Selous, parliamentary private secretary to Duncan Smith, was the culprit.

When asked if he was responsible, Selous strongly denied the allegations and told The Independent “Your allegation is wholly false, I’ve never said that. And I actually helped set up a Trussell Trust food bank in my constituency.”

As we have learned, the words of any of the current politicians involved with the government are rarely to be believed, and this from a man who claimed 55p on expenses for a Horlicks in the members’ tea room and tweeted “Strongly support the loss of benefits unless claimants lean [sic] English.” The tweet was subsequently deleted. He is also an adamant supporter of the bedroom tax and voted against increasing benefits in line with inflation.

Labour demanded that Mr Duncan Smith “urgently establish” what was said. “It would be extraordinary if anyone in Government made threats to the Trussell Trust,” said Stephen Timms, the shadow employment minister. Mr Mould also accused one of the DWP’s top officials, Neil Couling, the work services director, of trying to smear the charity by suggesting it had an evangelical motive for its work to help the hungry.

This latest revelation is just days after Oxfam was reported to the Charities Commission by a conservative MP accusing them of politicalising their latest ‘The Perfect Storm’ campaign.

However much the government and its cronies try to squeal and wriggle out of responsibility for the mess and hardship they have caused, the fact remains that they are wholly responsible.

It is blatantly obvious that the government can not justify any of their so-called ‘austerity measures’ other than to financially prop-up their cronies (primarily bankers and the finance industry) and to further their own agendas.

They have done absolutely NOTHING for the citizens of the UK which one could consider to be constructive or of benefit to our society as a whole. Probably the first time this has happened during any government’s time in office in recent history.

Unable to stand up and take responsibility, time and again we see members of the current government resorting to dirty and subversive tactics to try and get their own way. Or they just ignore the issue all together and try smoke and mirrors tactics to try and distract us.

We have seen false statistics used to support government arguments (especially in the areas of welfare reform and benefits), blatant lies promoted as truth (Cameron and Hague’s lies about the situation in Syria is one example), and cover-ups galore to protect their own (what happened to all those paedophiles with strong links to the current government involved in the Elm Guest house abuse scandal and who are still very active?).

The current government is (at the very least) unfit for purpose. If there were true democracy they would be accountable, and face investigation and prosecution for offences which would apply if a member of the public had engaged in the same activities.

They are bullies plain and simple. They prey on those they see as vulnerable and easy-targets, and have such a superior attitude that they think everyone else is stupid and will believe their lies – or (as in what seems to be mass psychopathy) they just don’t care as long as they get their way and make a profit.

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