Slave #Britain: #Conservatives can’t stand the truth as #Oxfam tweets ‘The Perfect Storm’ (#ids #welfare #bedroomtax)

A tweet by charity Oxfam has been criticised by Tory MPs as being too political, and they have asked the Chairman of the Charity Commission to investigate as ‘a matter of urgency’.

The poster (which you can see in the attached picture) is entitled ‘The Perfect Storm’ and highlights some of the problems people face as a result of the current government’s draconian austerity measures and policies.

Zero hour contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment, and high childcare costs are highlighted.


In the run-up to the next general election it seems the Conservative party are very sensitive to anything which criticises they way they have conducted government since 2010 with their Liberal Democrat counterparts.

The Oxfam campaign has merely highlighted the problems faced by millions in today’s society, and has nothing to do with any political message or leaning. It would make no difference which party was in government – the message would be the same had they been responsible for the current state of the nation.

It is the TRUTH! It is that simple.

But as we can expect, the Conservatives, in their cosseted and deluded world refuse to acknowledge that they are the villains responsible for the destruction of our societal foundation and for plunging millions into misery and poverty.

‘Austerity’ was never necessary, and it has been proven time and time again that such measures never work to recover an economy.

We should also keep in mind that at a time when ‘austerity measures’ were supposed to be the ‘mantra’ of recovery that the government has wasted and estimated £120 BILLION of taxpayer’s money PER YEAR. Including spending £400,000 on RENTING fig trees to display outside of MP’s offices, and ensuring that foreign aid has been increased to record levels (as well as being legally protected from any ‘austerity measure’ by Cameron) – even though it has been proven by the public accounts committee that most of the money is wasted via the Department for International Development, and let’s not forget the hundreds of millions of pounds that have been wasted on Universal Credit and the true cost of changes to housing benefit. Incompetence at its worst.

‘Truth’ is not a word the Conservatives seem to understand as we hear politician after politician tow the party line regardless of fact or evidence. And the fact is that every one of the Conservatives in government have lied and manipulated their way through some very tricky situations, with the chief liar (as far as we know) being Iain Duncan Smith who lied about his past, his ‘qualifications’, and who prefers to use inaccurate statistics to support his illogical arguments.

Despite warnings, advice, and public opinion, the Conservatives have forced (or bullied) their own agenda onto the British people – whether they like it or not. The government seem to have no concept that their manipulative tactics are plain to see for anyone with half a brain – or they just don’t give a damn.

The Conservatives need to take responsibility for the ramifications of their actions and stop continually denying that the problems people in the UK face today are anything other than the result of a wholly incompetent government – for which they are majorly responsible.

So to reiterate, the truth is that the Oxfam campaign is highlighting some of the problems people face in our modern society.

The tweet by Oxfam does not attribute responsibility for the highlighted problems to anyone or any organisation – so there can only be one conclusion. The Conservatives don’t like it because they know they are responsible for those problems – it is as simple as that.

It is no good them complaining like deluded idiots that every little criticism of the results of their policies is political. It is nothing to do with that – it is called humanity – something they should spend a lot of time learning about because they obviously don’t have a clue and are too wrapped up in their own egotistical myth.


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