Slave #Britain: Duncan Smith telling lies about Universal Credit AGAIN – no surprise really (#ids #welfare #universalcredit #uk)

Iain-Duncan-Smith-001Duncan Smith has been accused of hiding how much of taxpayer’s money has been wasted on the doomed Universal Credit scheme he and his cronies have been so keen to promote.

In an annual review by the Major Project Authority (MPA) they stated that the scheme is “unachievable within reasonable timescales and to a reasonable budget without urgent remedial action”.

In a devious tactic to make sure that adverse publicity was minimalized, Duncan Smith and Downing Street battled with Whitehall to have the report publish on the day of local election results. This was to prevent the report adversely affecting the Conservative’s chances of winning seats, and also in the hope that the public would be distracted by the election.

The assessment conducted by the MPA was taking place at the same time as Duncan Smith was denying problems with the scheme and insisting that it was ‘on-track’.

Ann Begg, chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee told the Independent newspaper “There is a worrying ‘good news culture’ in Mr Duncan Smith’s department where problems are not addressed and there is a lack of basic transparency,” and continued “Our understanding is that minimal progress has been made rolling out universal credit in a meaningful way across the country and they are currently just treading water until they can find a solution to real problems they are facing with its implementation.”

The cost of implementing universal credit has escalated out of control from the original estimate of £2.2 billion put before Parliament in 2010. Last year, the project had already cost £12.8 billion and continues to rise.

Rachel Reeves, the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said: “The fact that universal credit was the only one of the 200 projects assessed by the Major Projects Authority to have been singled out is extremely concerning. It’s increasingly clear that universal credit is lurching from one crisis to another with incompetent ministers failing to deliver the savings they promised.”

Even though his lies have been exposed time and time again it seems that Duncan Smith is incapable of changing the habits of a lifetime. Since being exposed by the BBC for lying about his past and qualifications, Duncan Smith has continued to tell lie after lie – especially over welfare and universal credit.

Along with other government cronies who are only interested in their own wealth and importance, Duncan Smith has made a significant contribution to this being the worst government the people of the UK have seen in a long time.

The fact is that the Conservatives don’t give a damn about the majority of UK citizens, yet are still deluded enough to think that those very people will support them in the coming general election.

It seems that more people in the UK may be waking up to the destructive force of the coalition government if the local elections held last week are an indicator.

Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats each lost a significant number of seats. The Conservatives retained 1359 (a loss of 231) and the Liberal democrats retained 427 (a massive loss of 307).

What is surprising is that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats retained as many seats as they did when we consider the damage that has been done during their time in office. The Conservatives took the lead and it seems as though the Liberal Democrats were just along for the ride, having made no significant contribution whatsoever to government and never really challenging any of the Conservative’s policies.

Both parties have been criticised by their own members, resulting in several MPs leaving their party because they were disgusted either at the way draconian policies were being introduced, or because their party (mainly the Liberal Democrats) had abandoned their principles and failed to stand up for what they are supposed to believe in.

It remains to be seen if the public will continue to use their votes to prevent these disgusting elements from governing the country when they vote at the general election. We hope so and it is time that the public started to stand up for themselves and make politicians realise that they are supposed to govern the country in a way which means basic principles of humanity over greed are paramount.


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