Not a good week for the government and Cameron’s God delusion (#welfare #bedroomtax #universalcredit #ids #uk)

camickThis week has seen the government exposed thought the mainstream press as a callous, self-centred and corrupt organisation – but we already know that.

There was the Maria Miller fiasco, in which Tory backbenchers called for her resignation and criticised the inner-circle of government for failing to sack her. David Cameron pledged his undying support for the manipulative and corrupt woman.

Miller still has come out of the situation very well in deed. She is only required to repay £5,800 (a vast reduction from the original £47,000 members of the select committee estimated she had stolen), and keep all the profit she made from her dodgy property dealings. She probably didn’t pay stamp duty on the sale of the property either.

To save face, and more likely in an attempt to prevent any further investigations into her finances since being an MP by the police, Miller fell on her sword and resigned. Although she hasn’t resigned as MP for Basingstoke (a place she seems to spend the least time possible visiting) so will still enjoy the benefits of ripping off the taxpayer for doing very little to the tune of around £120,000 per year. No doubt she has some other money making schemes through her government contacts in place too which will cost the public purse. So she has avoided criminal investigation, still has a very lucrative job, and will continue to do what she does best – manipulate and deceive.

Cameron will face a significant backlash from all parties (including his own) for his failure to take action over the Miller incident.

Conservative vice-chairman, Michael Fabricant, MP for Litchfield has been sacked by the party allegedly for speaking out against the government’s pet HS2 scheme (also known as another horrendous waste of taxpayer’s cash to line the pockets of the Conservative’s cronies), and for suggesting that it was a good thing that Miller resigned. He is (perhaps) one of the few Tory MPs who isn’t afraid to speak out when something is obviously wrong or right.

A few hours before his sacking, Fabricant had tweeted that Miller’s resignation was “about time” and the row over the handling of the situation had derailed the party. According to another of his tweets, he was asked to resign and refused, and was then sacked. He wrote “Been asked to resign as Vice Chairman, refused, so sacked over HS2 and my views on a recent Cabinet Minister. Still available 4 speeches etc.”

The government’s alliance with energy companies became crystal clear as they announced that onshore wind farms will be severely restricted.

The government’s failure since being in office to address the issues of energy companies racketeering has caused concern for many, and indicated that there was far more to the relationship between the current government and the big six energy suppliers.

In fact, the policies of the current government have resulted in higher energy bills.

The Royal College of Engineers have heavily criticised the government’s plan, stating that it will only result in far higher energy bills for the consumer. Wind farms are a contentious issue, with many protesters taking the ‘not in my back yard’ stance rather than coming up with any compelling arguments against them. Other countries (such as Germany) have much more commitment to sustainable and renewable energy sources, with significantly more wind turbines than the UK, and they manage alright. Perhaps the problem in the UK is the general lack of planning and thought going into where they are located – which seems to be becoming the norm rather than the exception with many such projects.

Iain Duncan Smith and the Department for Work and Pensions have also been in the firing line this week for hampering an enquiry by MPs into Universal Credit.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee criticised the schemes waste of taxpayer’s money, with £40 million spent on software being written off, and another £90 million being spent on IT which only has a useful life of five years.

Problems with the implementation of the scheme were revealed in a report by the National Audit Office last September, although the government was well aware of the financial waste at least eighteen months prior.

The committee accused the government (Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP) of not providing accurate information in a timely manner to enable the enquiry to move forward.

The committee said “The Government has hampered the committee’s scrutiny of UC implementation by not providing accurate, timely and detailed information. It is not acceptable for the Government only to provide information about major policy changes when forced to do so by the imminent prospect of being held to account in a public evidence session.”

So far, the Universal Credit scheme is costing a ridiculous £161,905 per person.

Public and Commercial Services union general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The failure by the DWP to deliver an effective IT system is not just a terrible waste of public money, it is a disgrace that the department that constantly attacks benefit claimants through measures such as the bedroom tax and by portraying them as ‘wasters’ is, at the same time, squandering hundreds of millions of public money that should be spent on relieving poverty.”

Then there is the cost of the government’s bedroom tax implementation.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that half of the tenants affected by the bedroom tax have been plunged into arrears during a recent study conducted by the organisation.

The study said the “bedroom tax” and wider welfare reforms introduced by Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, were forcing tenants to choose between “heating and eating.” Three in four had cut back on food bills. “Tenants are experiencing poverty, anxiety, debt and health problems. Food banks are becoming essential. People rely on family and friends for help. Tenants and landlords expect evictions to rise,” it said.

Some people affected by the bedroom tax are trapped in larger homes finding themselves unable to move because of the lack of suitable accommodation.

Other studies of the bedroom tax have shown that the scheme is costing more of taxpayer’s money because many people have been forced to move into the much more expensive (as well as unstable) private housing sector.

The costs of recovering arrears had put significant financial strain on local councils and housing associations who are now forced to spent funds on court action rather than developing more housing. In the case of councils who have seen their budgets slashed by the current government, the money has to come from other services, resulting in a knock-on effect.

One of the most bizarre news stories of the week appears in today’s Independent.

David Cameron thinks that he is some kind of divine figure – claiming that Jesus invented the big society and that he (Cameron) is doing God’s work.

Cameron was referring to his latest bullshit idea – “Big Society” – in which ‘volunteering and civic responsibility’ are the focus.

Well, first of all he and his cronies have no perception whatsoever of ‘civic responsibility’ as they continue to prostitute themselves for as much taxpayer’s cash as they can get their hands on – let alone the corruption that has been revealed this week, which included both Maria Miller AND David Cameron (Miliband confronted Cameron about the sale of Royal Mail and the massive profits made by Tory cronies).

The policies of the current government have DESTROYED the foundation of a society based on caring for the poor and vulnerable, and continue to persecute those who are less fortunate. Include in that the increased pressure and stress on most of our society as a direct result of government incompetence, and it is clear he is doing nothing more than talking out of his backside.

Secondly, the only reason Cameron wants more people to volunteer is to fill the gaps left by his draconian financial cuts to social, and other public services. He wants us all to become slaves to HIS system – that is all – it has nothing to do with ‘civic responsibility’.

At his Easter reception in Downing Street last night, Cameron said “Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago, I just want to see more of it.”

“It is the case that Christians are now the most persecuted religion around the world,” Cameron said. “We should stand up against persecution of Christians and other faith groups wherever and whenever we can.”

Where on earth does he come up with such inane drivel?

Where I come from, someone expressing such delusional views would need immediate assessment of their mental state.

Labour MP and former Anglican vicar Chris Bryant said: “It’s ludicrous and offensive for Cameron to try to recruit Jesus to the Tory cause. He is just using decent people in the church and charities to mask the unfair way he’s cutting services for the vulnerable.”

Of course it is – Cameron is being manipulative.

Whether you believe in religion or not is immaterial, because the basics of human interaction and society are the same whatever society one belongs to.

There have been prophets from many religions and philosophers from many diverse civilisations and cultures that ALL have the same or very similar common basic principles for humans living together (although some have been hijacked by those with less than moral objectives). They include living together in peace, looking after the sick and the poor, and abhorrence of greed and avarice.

ALL of those basic principles for society have been betrayed and abused by Cameron and his cronies, and have resulted in at least hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

So Mr Jesus God Cameron is the last person to bring any religious concept into the political arena after his historical greed, manipulation, and persecution of the less well off.

If anything he (and his cronies) should be hung in Parliament Square for treachery against the people of the UK, and all their assets ceased and put into the public purse (which is probably where most of it came from in the first place).

Or to save cash, get one of Queenies soldier chaps to pop a bullet in the back of their heads – there will be more than enough volunteers. Would only be the cost of a bullet each and a bit of fuel for the digger to bury them.

But, alas, our society now thinks it is morally wrong to do such things – a very different situation from a million or so years ago when our ancestors would have dealt with such manipulators very swiftly and efficiently to ensure society was safe.

Bring back the good old days! Not all of society’s evolution is progress, and not all progress is evolution.


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