A day when #Tory corruption is exposed. (#uk #politics)

scumIt seems that the 2nd of April has been a bad day for two members of the UK government.

Both David Cameron and Maria Miller have been exposed for what they are – corrupt liars who are only looking after their own interests – at the public’s expense.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, rang rings around Cameron as he went head on asking Cameron the awkward question Cameron obviously hoped no one would ask.

Miliband wanted to know what the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ was between Cameron and the city banks who were allocated one third of the shares in the grossly undervalued sale of Royal Mail.

After receiving one third of the share allocation, the banks sold them a short time later making millions in profit – for doing nothing. In addition to making a quick killing on the financial markets with the Royal Mail share allocation, the banks also earned in excess of £12 million in ‘consultation fees’.

But it doesn’t end there! The seven banks are to receive an additional £4.2 million in bonuses resulting from facilitating the sale of shares.

Miliband obviously wasn’t in the mood for the usual evasive tactics of Cameron as he asked the question time and time again, and Cameron refused to answer, instead resorting to a blatant lie that the Labour party had planned to sell-off Royal Mail – which they have never intended to so.

Cameron’s remarks are directly contradicted by the Labour manifesto, which called for extra investment for Royal Mail within the public sector. The manifesto said: “The Royal Mail and its staff are taking welcome and needed steps to modernise work practices. For the future, continuing modernisation and investment will be needed by the Royal Mail in the public sector.”

Cameron became more red-faced as Miliband asked why Cameron’s city buddies seemed to be doing very, very well out of the grossly undervalued sale – which has been confirmed by the National Audit Office as costing the taxpayer £750 million in one day alone – despite Cameron and his cronies being warned that Royal Mail has been grossly undervalued prior to the sale.

Miliband continued “He sold at 330p and this morning the price was 563p. It is basic maths – not so much the Wolf of Wall Street, more the Dunce of Downing Street.” Miliband also accused Cameron of purposely ensuring that the city banks got ‘mates rates’ which has lost the taxpayer at least £1.4 BILLION.

“A third of the shares were sold to just 16 City investors. Get this: there was a gentlemen’s agreement that those City investors wouldn’t sell the shares. What happened? Within weeks, half of those shares had been sold and they had made a killing worth hundreds of millions of pounds. In other words, mates’ rates to his friends in the City,” Miliband continued.

Cameron became more uncomfortable as he was challenged about selling off Royal Mail in the first place. This was something the government decided to do off of their own back when there was no need to.

Effectively, Miliband exposed Cameron’s corrupt activities right there in the House of Commons, pulling no punches and making sure that he pressured Cameron and showing Cameron up for what he is – a liar and a charlatan.

In other news, Maria Miller has been the subject of an 18 month investigation into her false expenses claims.

Incredibly, instead of facing prison for fraud, the only thing that she has been required to do is to repay £5000 of the false claim!

Downing Street indicated that Cameron was standing by Miller amid suggestions from some Tory MPs that she is being given an ‘easy ride’ because of the shortage of women in the Cabinet.

Well – she couldn’t be given much more of an easy ride when she has knowingly and wilfully attempted to defraud the public purse to fund her own greed.

According to a well-placed Daily Mail source, said the sum relates to the fact that Mrs Miller simply ‘forgot to make the right adjustments’ in her mortgage claims when interest rates fell.

BEING FORGETFUL IS NOT A DEFENCE IN THE FACE OF THE LAW – but obviously it is for corrupt and manipulative politicians.

Miller made claims totalling £90,718 on her second property where her parents lived in Wimbledon between 2005 and 2009 and stopped making claims when the MPs expanses scandal broke – perhaps in the hope of staying under the radar and getting away with the false claims she had already made.

Miller sold the property on 14th February this year making a profit of £1.2 million.

Of course, Cameron and Miller are not the only members of the current government to make a killing from abusing their position of trust. Throughout the term of the coalition there have been numerous cases of wrongdoing and corruption – all related to those who think they are above the law using taxpayer’s cash like their personal piggy bank.

They think they are so superior that the ‘dumb public’ won’t put two and two together to come up with the right answer – and if they do those in government will just lie their way out of it.

Perhaps they are right.

The number of corrupt activities and level of manipulation that this government has been responsible for must be unprecedented.

Even though many, many people are expressing that this is the worst and most self-serving government the UK has seen in recent history, corruption and manipulation still abound and there seems to be very little done to make members of the government accountable.

What is worrying for any right-thinking person is that there are those in our society at all social levels that believe the lies they are told by the likes of Cameron without question. They bumble around in apathy, denial and unqualified blind trust.   

Perhaps many people in the UK have forgotten that the main purpose of government is to look after all citizens – not to line their own pockets and those of their cronies.


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