Slave #Britain: #Osborne the moron thinks ‘full employment’ is achievable. (#UK #welfare #poverty)

obempHere we go again – another delusional and totally unrealistic statement from someone who has never done a proper days work in their lives.

George Osborne (also known as Natalie Rowe’s ‘gimp bitch’) made a speech at Tilbury Port in which he stated one of his aims is to achieve full employment in the UK (or whatever remains of it after Scotland decides it’s future).

Osborne said “Today I’m making a new commitment, a commitment to fight for full employment in Britain – making jobs a central goal of our economic plan.

“There is no reason why Britain shouldn’t aim to have the highest employment rate of any of the world’s leading economies, to have more people working than any of the other countries in the G7 group.

“That’s my ambition: the best place in the world to create a job, to get a job, to keep a job, to be helped to look for another job if you lose one.”

An interesting statement when we consider that he and his mates in government have been responsible for severely cutting stable public sector jobs and have created a culture of zero-hour contracts and part-time work, where the value of a person’s salary has fallen by more than 6% in real terms since the coalition came to power.

And let’s not forget the manipulation of statistics which Iain Duncan Smith attempted to use to prop-up his lies about unemployment rates. People on the work programme were included, people who were on longer-term sanctions were included, as were many other ‘categories’ which would create the illusion of falling unemployment. Even the Office of National Statistics criticised Duncan Smith for misusing official statistics.

Full employment is apparently an arbitrary term and has been defined in various ways by governments in the past. The last time there was anything neat full employment was in 1955 when the number of unemployed was 215,800 (1% of the population).

Osborne’s statement is just another attempt to try and recover some chance of winning seats at the next election and nothing more. Recently, he has been the poster boy for the Conservative Party – visiting places around the country in the hope of gaining a few votes. The reality is, the Conservatives stand little chance of winning the next election (unless the whole country develops a severe mental functioning breakdown – which is possible perhaps) and he is trying to make sure they keep as many seats as possible – especially after the shock of being beaten by UKIP in a recent by-election.

The hard fact is that if the Conservatives get into government again we can only expect more of the rubbish and incompetence we have seen since 2010.

They will continue to destroy and privatise our public services for the good of ‘shareholders’ and at the expense of the majority of people.

Our foundation as a supposed civilised society will crumble around us, with the working to middle classes becoming nothing more than economic slaves – cash cows to be milked by Osborne as his despicable friends.

Any moral concept of looking after the vulnerable and poor in our society will disappear – completely – and costs will rise for everyone as we are forced to pay for healthcare as the NHS is pushed into self-destruction and farmed out to private contractors, who will eventually demand payment from those who use their services. Education will be privatised, and parents will be charged for their children’s basic educations.  State pensions will become nothing more than a token payment – if any is made at all.

On top of all that, employment will no longer be as we perceive it now. It will be short-term contracts (as we see infiltrating the employment sector already), more zero-hour contracts, and people will have to hold down more than one job to pay the most basic of living costs.

Those few things are only scratching the surface of what is in store for us if the idiots we have allowed to make awful decisions about OUR future are allowed to do more damage after the next election.

Whoever wins the next election will have a very tough job to do in trying to repair the UK. We can only hope that whoever gets into power has the sense and capacity to work for the people as a whole for a change, and not just a privileged few.

As for gimp Osborne – perhaps he would be better off going and getting some correctional adjustment from Ms Rowe because he is obviously incapable of being allowed out on his own uncontrolled.


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