Slave #Britain: Disgrace of the elderly illegally detained in care homes by secret courts (#welfare #austerity #uk)

eld01They have worked hard and contributed to society all of their lives and look forward to spending their twilight years in peace within their own homes. But having committed NO CRIME, many elderly are forced to move into a care system or hospital where their assets are stolen by councils to pay for care they neither need nor want.

An article in the Daily Mail on the 12th March revealed how a House of Lords enquiry into the effects of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 found that tens of thousands of elderly people  are being deprived of their liberty without any protection of law – ‘de facto detained unlawfully’ according to the report.

The report found that councils often find care homes a cheaper alternative to caring for complex elderly cases in their own homes, and social workers are using the act as an excuse for not providing appropriate home care to save the councils money.

Cases are heard in the Court of Protection, which was originally intended to provide a safe place for cases involving vulnerable people to be heard. However, it has materialised that the court has turned into a highly secretive arm of the judicial system more akin to an Orwellian nightmare.

Hearings are held in secret, the details of the hearing and those attending can not be revealed to any third party, and the judgements of the court are not open to public scrutiny. Often, defendants are refused the right to call witnesses, and in some cases have been refused their own legal representation.

In some cases, the elderly are forced from their homes into care homes where the conditions are poor or where abuse takes place. Relatives who have removed people from these situations have been imprisoned – even though the abuse or poor level of care is evident. In the worst cases, elderly people have died as a direct result of being forcibly moved into the care system

The court can give local councils complete control over an elderly person’s assets. In one case in Essex, an elderly person was judged to lack mental capacity and forced into a care home with the court assigning control of his assets in their entirety to the local council, who then proceeded to sell them off – including trying to auction some very valuable paintings – to pay care home costs.

There are many other cases of how councils – in league with social workers – have abused the powers of the act, and how the Court of Protection has failed miserably in ensuring vulnerable people are protected under law.

Here are two Daily Mail articles with more details of the House of Lords report and examples of the abuse of elderly people:

It is worrying that people who do have the capacity to make their own decisions are being abused for the sake of money and is the result of the incompetence of government and councils who are charged with caring for their citizens.

Compassion and doing what is right have got lost in the scramble to take advantage of anyone if it means saving a pound.

The fact is that the system we have seen develop over the past few years is rotten from top to bottom. The ridiculous and unnecessary draconian austerity measures put in place by government mean councils have less money to spend, and yet are expected to take on more financial responsibility to fill the gaps in welfare care. This in turn is passed on to staff such as social workers who are expected to monetise care and do more with less resources.

It is a system which is bound to fail and is unsustainable.

At the same time the government are able to find money to increase the foreign aid budget to £12 BILLION and find money for the HS2 rail link, having just announced that Osborne has set aside £1 BILLION to finance the doomed project. Let alone the annual waste by government in the region of £128 BILLION each year.

The fact is that the government will look after their own kind, and the rest of us who are the real contributors to the UK economy and society will be used as economic slaves – even in our twilight years.  

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3 thoughts on “Slave #Britain: Disgrace of the elderly illegally detained in care homes by secret courts (#welfare #austerity #uk)

  1. I have lived through the nightmare of a local aurhority unlawfully detaining my mother.
    The same local authority the old man in this article.
    Many people are blinkered to the truth until there eyes have been opened. Mine are WIDE OPEN now and can honestly say there much corruption and evil in the world we live in.

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