Slave #Britain: Religious extremists need to be taken out of our society. (#uk #religion #islam #birmingham)

extrelIn this week’s news, there has been an alleged plot to out head teachers in Birmingham schools to be replaced with Islamic fundamentalists who would run the schools on “strict Islamic principles”.

On television, there was a programme on BBC3 which covered women involved in the English Defence League (EDL). In one of the scenes, there were Islamic crazies acting as some kind of self-proclaimed ‘religious police’ who engaged in intimidating people (Muslim or not) as they went about their lawful business.

Both of these incidents show that there is a real danger to society by religious extremists being allowed to do as they want on the streets of the UK, and who are given far too much leeway within an overly ‘politically correct’ system – where they are able to gain access to our children and other vulnerable people in society.

These two incidents are not the only crimes which have been committed within the borders of the UK by religious nuts.

In the last year, there have been prosecutions in most major cities against so-called ‘Muslim Patrols’ who terrorise neighbourhoods with their extreme views and attempts to impose Sharia law.

It is not only non-Muslims who are the victims of these religious bigots. Many Muslims who have lived in the UK for decades have seen their neighbourhoods change from peaceful places to live, where they could enjoy the benefits of living in a relatively free society, into a crazy world where they are forced to comply with street patrols who instil terror and dictate the way they must dress and act, with many forced to comply with illegitimate Sharia courts who metre out punishments with no regard for the laws of the UK whatsoever.

Women are treated particularly badly. Rape, domestic abuse, and oppression are rife in the communities which choose to close themselves off from the rest of society.

This disgraceful situation has been allowed to gain momentum by the authorities, who continually use a ‘softly, softly’ approach when dealing with any ethnic problem to prevent ‘bad publicity’ and being sued. It has nothing to do with equality of rights for all citizens under the law.

The apathy of the government in dealing with a very real problem in which ordinary, law-abiding, citizens of a mixed race society are abused by a minority is unacceptable.

If there are religious extremists of any kind who think that the environment in which they live should be governed by their bigoted rules and beliefs, then they should move out of the UK and find somewhere to cater for their needs – move to a nation where their beliefs are acceptable instead of trying to impose them on others.

It does not matter what the nationality is of the religious bigots – even British – if they choose not to live under the same laws that govern the rest of society they should either be prosecuted to the highest level or sent somewhere else.

Of course, those extremists and bigots will not move from a country where they can practice their poison one minute, then enjoy all of the freedoms that are available to them the next. They don’t complain about the current UK laws which allow them to receive welfare payments at the expense of the taxpayer – neither do they complain about their equal right to access social services, or to come under the protection of the state.

Life is too easy for them – that is the main problem. Having to move from a relatively free country where they are given the right to protection and equality under the law, to a country where they will become just another oppressed person and subjected to the laws they preach doesn’t seem to appeal to them too much.

Perhaps the younger extremists would get a shock when they realise they would be unable to walk the streets threatening innocent people, then go and play their computer games, or other youthful activities they currently enjoy, if they lived in a nation where the laws they want imposed on others  were practiced.

Anyone involved in ANY extremist religious activities – whatever the religion – should be removed from our society. Whether that be imprisoning, deporting, or given the option to leave the UK of their own will to a place where they can live under the regime they claim to want.

Only when the government start to take very hard, positive action against religious extremists will people be able to live without the constant threat of some crazy attacking them on the street for wearing ‘the wrong thing’, or the threat of our children and vulnerable people being manipulated.

We must remember that it is not only the indigenous people of the UK who are affected. Every creed and colour are under threat within our own borders – whatever religion they choose to follow – and that includes the vast majority of Muslims who want to live freely and peacefully in our society.

Religious extremists are nothing more than terrorists – because those are the tactics they use to get what they want. They have no regard for the rest of humanity, and are looking to enslave people for their own greed for power.

It is totally illogical that there are laws in the UK which are supposed to be enforced against those who choose to practice hate against others, and yet they are allowed to do as they please because they belong to some kind of ‘minority’. The law is supposed to apply to every person who decides to live in the UK – regardless of anything else.

We agree that everyone should have freedom of expression under the law – but not to the extent where that expression is purposely intended to harm others – which is what religious extremists do.

The government needs to grow some balls and tackle this growing problem before it gets totally out of control, and show those who practice their hate that it is not acceptable.

The ‘politically correct brigade’ need to unpluck their heads from their backsides and get real. We need strong action to tackle a growing problem – not idiots who are afraid to utter a word in case it may offend someone – religious extremists don’t play by our rules.

Extremists have been allowed to get away with too much for too long, which has allowed them to expand their poisonous views and impose them on people who do not want them.

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