UK #media wrong again – especially the #BBC – about #Russia and Abby Martin (#rt #news #BreakingtheSet @AbbyMartin)

amThe standard of journalism doesn’t seem to be improving as we enter into a period where anything and everything concerning Russia’s action in the Ukraine comes under scrutiny. Unfortunately, in picking up little pieces of information it seems that UK media are missing the context and just repeating stories written by other journalists – who also remove something small from the context of the whole.

We are referring to the reports in mainstream UK media that a presenter on Russia Today criticised Putin’s decision to move his military into the Ukraine.

Abby Martin is a long-time presenter of a popular US based programme called ‘Breaking the Set’, in which she covers many controversial issues in world news from her own perspective, and has never been afraid to criticise any ‘authority’ over their actions.

According to press reports, Abby has taken the ‘sensational’ step of going ‘off script’ on her show on the Russian government sponsored English language channel, to rant about Putin’s actions, and that she is a news anchor for the channel.

In fact, all of the mainstream media articles concerning the incident are exactly the same, originating from the same source – a journalist who has twisted what has happened for their own agenda.

In fact, Abby has never been backward in criticising actions of the Russian administration that she feels are unjust or wrong. In fact, Abby is not a ‘news anchor’ – she is a presenter who has many years’ experience presenting her own show on the channel. In fact, Abby and her team research information and interview people who have been directly involved in the stories they cover, instead of relying on inaccurate second-hand information.

In particular, the BBC demonstrates its ingrained superior and condescending perspective and lack of knowledge in the form of Nick Childs, who states that viewers may have been surprised by Abby Martin’s statements at the end of one of her shows in which she condemns Russia’s military action.

Anyone who watches ‘Breaking the Set’ will know that this is the format. Abby sums up with a personal statement, and will speak her mind – whatever the subject and whatever her views are. She has criticised the actions of the Russian government on numerous occasions – as well as other governments and leaders. This is nothing new and has never been the subject of mainstream media sensationalism before.

But with Ukraine being a hot topic, and the mainstream media looking for anything to criticise Russia’s actions, they clutch at any straw to bolster their own particular slant (or that of their masters) to present an inaccurate perspective to the public. In the BBC’s case, this is hardly the unbiased reporting the BBC claims to be the foundation of its news organisation.

For those of you who are interested in receiving accurate information and making your own minds up instead of being spoon fed the biased and small-minded misinformation of mainstream media, we would suggest that you take a look at Russia Today (and especially ‘Breaking the Set’) to see what actually happens.

What you will find is that many of the presenters on the channel are not afraid to openly talk about tough subjects – including subjects involving their sponsors – which is more than can be said for the UK media circus.

Larry King has recently joined Russia Today to present a programme ‘Larry King Now’ because he became disillusioned with the way US news media was being influenced and controlled, and now finds he has more editorial freedom than he ever did in the US mainstream.

To suggest that Russia Today is a puppet of the Kremlin is no different to saying other news organisations are puppets of some other influence – for example, that the BBC is the puppet of the UK government, or than CNN is a puppet of the US administration.

Somewhere along the line they will be something influencing the way news is presented to the public, and it is a matter of how much influence that person or entity has. Watch ‘Russia Today’ and you may soon realise that it is not as controlled as it is made out to be.

On the other hand – if you prefer not to think about anything and just want to believe in the mindless propaganda you receive on a daily basis from mainstream media, then that is your choice.

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